2018 Symposium
Restoration in a Changing Climate: Adapting Practices to Meet Long-term Goals

Tuesday, April 10, 2018Dogwood growing in parched site
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

University of Washington Botanic Gardens
Center for Urban Horticulture
3501 NE 41st St.
Seattle, WA 98105


Numerous management guidelines suggest incorporating climate change effects into planning and design of ecological restoration projects. This provides practitioners with challenges of balancing multiple sometimes conflicting goals in actionable restoration design. Practitioners learn by case studies, the application of ecological science and study. This symposium will provide examples of how general guidelines for climate change adaptation were incorporated into existing projects in the Pacific Northwest. While introducing their local restoration projects, practitioners will highlight which pertinent questions of restoration and adaptation they have addressed and conclude with take-home messages for the practitioner community on how to transfer their experience to related settings.

Symposium Announcement (PDF)

Program Agenda (PDF)


  • Buying time in a warmer climate: From restoration to resilience (Presentation PDF)
    David L. Peterson, Professor | University of Washington, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
  • Climate change and restoration on the Stillaguamish Delta: Lessons learned (Presentation PDF)
    Roger Fuller, Ecosystem Ecologist | Western Washington University, Huxley College of the Environment
  • Considering seed provenance and plant sourcing for climate-resilient ecological restoration (Presentation PDF)
    Matt Distler, Staff Ecologist | Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center
  • Weeds and habitat shifts in a changing climate: Modelling and responding (Presentation PDF)
    Steven Seefeldt, PhD, Assistant Research Faculty | WSU-Mount Vernon NW Research and Extension Center
  • Climate change adaptation planning and restoration project implementation to preserve treaty protected resources (Presentation PDF)
    Brett Shattuck, Restoration Ecologist | The Tulalip Tribes









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