Goodfellow Grove demonstrates the use of native plants in a transition landscape, scaled to an urban setting.  The design flows from a higher-maintenance, more traditional garden layout to a lower-maintenance, “naturalistic” one. The transitional nature of this garden can be observed in the way the formal grid of the grove adjacent to Merrill Hall gives way to more informal plantings and maintenance towards the Union Bay Natural Area.


The garden features native plant species from the greater Pacific Northwest region. The garden contains a large grove of Amelanchier x grandiflora (serviceberry), which has showy white blossoms in early April.  The blooms are followed by a large crop of berries which are prized by birds through early summer and into fall.  The autumn color is outstanding with shades of orange and red.  Generally, the peak of bloom for the other plants in the garden is mid spring to early summer.


Discover and find solitude in this garden and enjoy the diversity of flora native to our region.

Funding for the grove comes from family and friends of the late Marilou Goodfellow.

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