All of our school programs are designed to support teachers and Washington State Learning Standards. Experienced Naturalists help students make meaningful connections by providing hands-on programs that focus on positive outdoor learning experiences.

“We LOVED the entire experience, thank you so much. The content was great and was pitched at just the right level for my 3rd graders. The activities were hands-on and memorable for them. Parents emailed me to say how much the kids had talked about the trip that night.”

Field Trips to the Washington Park Arboretum

We are not currently offering in-person field trips.

Virtual Field Trips

Seeds on the Move

Just like us, seeds need certain things to grow, develop, and stay healthy—and sometimes seeds need to move to get those things! Join Teacher Cait on a virtual arboretum adventure where we will move our bodies, dissect seeds, play games, observe seeds, generate hypotheses about their dispersal methods while exploring the Washington Park Arboretum. This may be a video field trip, but we will engage with all learning styles in this varied, energetic, and creative ways.

  • Video 1: Meet Teacher Cait, a UW Botanic Gardens Educator, at the Washington Park Arboretum. Find out what an Arboretum even is before living the plant life cycle—starting with a seed!
    • Run time 6:37 + pause time
  • Video 2: What is a seed? What is its structure? Get the inside scoop on seeds (literally!) by dissecting a seed. Follow along or do it yourself!
    • Run time 5:40 + pause time
  • Video 3: Reflect on the things that sustain you as an individual. Compare and contrast those things with friends, family, other animals, and plants. Then, get moving with an interactive scavenger hunt—doable from your desk or table…where ever you may be! The items collected on our scavenger will help us formulate hypotheses about the dispersal methods seeds we find around the arboretum use.
    • Run time 22:10 + pause time

Seeds On the Move Virtual- NGSS Alignment

Interested in this virtual field trip? Contact us for access to Seeds on the Move.

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