Theses conducted at UW Botanic Gardens or by UW Botanic Gardens Associated Graduate Students

Print copies of most theses available at the Miller Library or the main UW Library.

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Author Title Date Committee Chair
Alexander, Gemma D Effects of mulch on Pacific Northwest Natives 2003 Linda Chalker-Scott
Alfano, Carolyn J Self-sowing ornamentals : can self-sowing be used to predict invasiveness in natural areas 2002 Sarah Reichard
Allen, Stephanie M Growth study of yardwaste compost, a demonstration garden at the Center for Urban Horticulture 1994 Kern Ewing
Andreu, Anne Gilligan. Effects of fall prescribed fire on regeneration from the seed bank of two western Washington grasslands 2005 Kern Ewing
Antieau, Clayton Joseph Patterns of natural variation in oceanspray, Holodiscus discolor (Pursh) Maxim. (Rosaceae) 1985 William  Hathaway
Baker, Linda M., 1962- Germination of seeds from wetland soil as a source of plant material for wetland restoration 1994 Kern Ewing
Barndt, Katie An assessment of the allelopathic potential of herb robert (Geranium robertianum) 2008 Sarah Reichard
Bauerle, William L. (William Leonard), 1972- Diurnal water potential gradients in relation to water loss from old growth douglas-fir, Psuedotsuga menziesii, trees 1997 Tom Hinckley
Bauerle, Taryn Lynette Relative effectiveness of control mechanisms for juvenile English ivy (Hedera helix) as determined by environmental and physiological variables 2001 Linda Chalker-Scott
Bazinet, Oliver Urban Environmental Stewardship in Practice: using the Green Seattle Partnership to examine relationships between ecosystem health, site conditions, and restoration efforts 2014 Kern Ewing
Beeman, Paul Frederick, 1948- Development of DNA/DNA hybridization techniques with applications to cactus systematics 1987 William Hathaway
Beitel, Joanna James Abies and Ilex at the Washington Park Arboretum : two collections proposed as candidates for the North American Plant Collections Consortium 1993 Clem Hamilton
Bell, Robert H., 1968- Restoration planting of Quercus garryana (Garry oak) : a comparison of plant material, irrigation treatments, and planting sites 1997 Kern Ewing
Bennett, Matt Establishmnet of American Dunegrass (Leymus mollis) communities at upland dredge material disposal sites fot sand stabilization ande invasive plant species control 2005 Kern Ewing
Bergendorf, David W The influence of soil properties on the morphology and health of the Pacific madrone (Arbutus menziesii Pursh) in Seattle public parks 2002 Linda Chalker-Scott
Bidnick, Joel Modeling soil respiration in soilless systems: aquaponic flood-and-drain grow beds 2016
Blume Colasurdo, Laura Garry oak restoration in central Washington: planting technique evaluation and preliminary target identification through stand characterization 2009 Jon Bakker
Bradshaw, Michael Potential Organic Fungicides for the Control of Powdery Mildew on Chrysanthemum x morifolium 2015  Sarah Reichard
Breems, Joel Impact of historic wood waste deposits on eelgrass habitat 2009  Kern Ewing
Bressette, Dana Kelley Determining causes of decline of Pacific madrone in urban landscapes of the Pacific Northwest 1995 Clem Hamilton
Brickey, Jennifer A Determination of the effects of anti-icer compounds upon the rare plant Hackelia venusta 2004 Linda Chalker-Scott
Broadlick, Kelly Determining seed dormancy and germination requirements of two upland prairie sedges, Carex inops ssp. inops and Carex tumulicola 2016 Kern Ewing
Brooks, Lorraine Can commercial wildflower seed mixes contribute to the spread of invasive species? 2007 Sarah Reichard
Brown, Wendy Lorraine Evaluation of cattle grazing effects on floristic composition in eastern Washington vernal pools 1999 Sarah Reichard
Brueggerhoff, Robert Stephen Visitor Survey for the University of Washington Medicinal Herb Garden 2001 John Wott
Buchner, Derek Examining Restoration Success after Ten-years of the Green Seattle Partnership: Implementation and Results of the First Phase 4 Verifications 2016 Kern Ewing
Buck, Sharon Thompson Designing a curriculum in continuing education and public service for the Center for Urban Horticulture including the Washington Park Arboretum 1982 John Wott
Buening, Jennifer  Restoration planning for Salmon Creek watershed 2011 Kern Ewing
Burgess, Hillary  Local and Landscape-Level Influences of Bee Abundance and Diversity in Residential Gardens 2013 Sarah Reichard
Cadenhead, Christina A. Facilitating the Interpretation of the Washington Park Arboretum:
A selective review and application of the Interpretive and Wayfinding Plan
2012 Sarah Reichard and
Stephen Kerr
Cady, Aaron. An Internet interpretation of the Washington Park Arboretum plant collections 1998 John Wott
Calimpong, Crescent Elwha River Revegetation 2013: A plant performance study 2014 Kern Ewing
Calvert, Ilana Conservation in the City 2012 Sarah Reichard
Carney, Laura Macroalgal restoration techniques 2003 Kern Ewing
Carragee, Anna Society for Ecological Restoration-UW native plant nursery: Forging the missing link between plant materials and student restoration projects 2016 Kern Ewing
Chen, Niannian. The biological foundation of an ecogeographic display collection, representing Mount Emei, China, for the Washington Park Arboretum 1994 Clem Hamilton
Chenoweth, Joshua Sediment seedbank and the restoration of land behind the Elwah River dams 2007 Kern Ewing
Church, Elliot Non-native English holly (Ilex aquifolium) in forest and recent harvest units in a western Washington low elevation managed forest 2016
Ciecko, Lisa Effects of mulch, irrigation, and irrigation gel on the establishment of conifer seedlings at Seattle forest restoration sites 2009 Soo-Hyung Kim
Collman, Sharon Insect pests of ornamental trees and shrubs of the University of Washington Arboretum 1972
Combs, Julie Kathryn. Astragalus sinuatus (Piper), a Washington State endangered plant species : pre-dispersal seed predation, seedling recruitment, and interactions with Bromus tectorum L. 2005 Sarah Reichard
Combs, Julie Kathryn. Predispersal seed predators and nectar robbers : the influence of plant and animal traits on plant reproduction and bumblebee foraging behavior 2011 Sarah Reichard
Corletta, Robert An assessment of tree inventories in Washington state municipalities 2001 John Wott
Crandell, Caren Jane. Effect of grazing by Branta canadensis (Canada geese) on the fitness of Carex lyngbyei (Lyngby’s sedge) at a restored wetland in the Duwamish River Estuary 2001 Kern Ewing
Delvin, Eric Restoring abandoned agricultural lands in Puget Lowland prairies : a new approach 2013 Jon Bakker
De Maria, Kathleen Horticultural citations in the restoration literature 2010 Linda Chalker-Scott
Denkers, Elyse The wetland mitigation process in Yesler Swamp, Seattle, WA: Guidance for the future 2015 Kern Ewing and Jim Fridley
DesCamp, Wendy C. Lamiastrum galeobdolon subsp. argentatum : an invasive plant species in the Pacific Northwest 2010 Sarah Reichard
Dettweiler-Robinson, Eva Multiple fires and landscape factors affect vegetation composition over time and interact to affect biological soil crust cover 2011 Jon Bakker
Diemer, Jon Centennial Woods Resoration and Management Plan 2014 Kern Ewing
Dlouhy, Kelly Sue Planted species in wetland mitigation sites : planting practices and species progress 2001 Kern Ewing
Dobie-Laubenheimer, Michele Status and Community Composition of Northern Puget Sound Prairies 2000 Kern Ewing
Dorner, Jeanette Maria Walthall The south Puget Sound prairie plant community : a multivariate analysis of plant species distribution and the relationship of environmental variables 1999 Kern Ewing
Dougherty, Dean F Manual control and post control impacts of Cytisus scoparius (L.) Link (Scotch broom) 2003 Sarah Reichard
Dugan, Sean W. An assessment of municipal tree ordinance in Washington state 2004 Kathy Wolf
Edsforth, Robert Golf Course Property Restoration 2013 Kern Ewing & James Fridley
Elliot, Crystal Tidal emergent plant communities, Russian Island, Columbia Estuary 2004 Kern Ewing
Ewing, Kern Plant response to environmental variation in the Skagit marsh / by Kern Ewing 1982
Farber, Shelley A A primer on starting a community and urban forest council [1991] Gordon Bradley
Farmer, Augustus Jenkins Follow-up activities for field trips : fourth graders in a public 1993 John Wott
Farmer, Jessica. Variations in types of major funding partnerships in college and university gardens 2010 Sarah Reichard
Fetherston, Kevin Evidence for the large wood cycle as a critical element in river valley dynamics 2005 Kern Ewing
Fischer, Michelle Plant height, percent cover, and total numbers of six essential prairie plants after fire treatments in South Sound prairies 2014 Kern Ewing and Jim Fridley
Flora-Tostado, Matt Evaluating volunteer data quality for Citizen Science projects in phenology: estimating peak bloom in Kwanzan cherry trees on UW campus 2013 Soo-Hyung Kim
Fowles, Paul The Burke-Gilman Trail vegetation management and restoration guidelines [1997]
Fox, Dangelei Restoration fate of lomatium species used by Native Americans 2008 Kern Ewing
Frappier, Kimberly A Ecological evaluation of a restored subalpine grassland, Sunrise, Mount Rainier 2004 Kern Ewing
Fraser, Andrew Use of Solarization to Kill the Root Crown and Reduce the Seed Bank Viability of Rubus armeniacus Focke and Cytisus scoparius (L.) Link 2013 Kern Ewing
Funk, Sue Ann Urban forestry notebook 1990 John Wott
Gayaldo, Perry Fleming Native shrub-steppe restoration at the Yakima Training Center, Yakima, Washington 1996 Kern Ewing
Gayaldo, Perry Seagrass restoration involving the alteration of sediment chemistry/redox and submarine light regime 2002 Kern Ewing
Giblin, David Emmett The relationships of reproductive biology and disturbance to the rarity of Aster curtus (Cronq.), a Pacific Northwest endemic 1997 Clem Hamilton
Gilbert, Cynthia Aspects of community ecology, population growth and genetic structure applied to the conservation of Polemonium pectinatum (Polemoniaceae), a rare and threatened shrub-steppe perennial 1998 Clem Hamilton
Glover, James T Landscape development analysis and management plan for Boeing Computer Services [1990] Jim Clark
Goldsmith, Tara Jane Factors affecting population growth and persistence of Sidalcea oregana (Nutt.) Gray var. calva C.L. Hitchcock (Malvaceae), a taxon endemic to Chelan County, Washington 2003 Sarah Reichard
Gorski, Andrew F Naturalistic landscape plantings for the Seattle, Washington area : theory, applications & technology / by Andrew F. Gorski 1984 Harold Tukey
Greene, Mary-Margaret Designing and implementing an educational plan for the Society for Ecological Restoration – UW Native Plant Nursery 2017 Kern Ewing
Griswold, Emily Bloom The origin and development of ecogeographic displays in North American botanic gardens 2002 Sarah Reichard
Guthrie, Caitlin Environmental Controls on Installed Woody Plant Establishment in the Hydrologically Restored Tidal Freshwater Wetlands of the Nisqually River Delta 2012 Kern Ewing
Hackman, Nicole Plant Responses to the Urban Climate: A Look at Stomatal Numbers and Growth of Plants in Seattle, Washington 2009 Soo-Hyung Kim
Hamiliton, Lindsey Skokomish Savanna Fire Restoration and the Effects on Bracken Fern (Pteridium aquilinium) and Salal (Gaultheria shallon), Olympic National Forest, WA. 2013 Kern Ewing
Hannam, Michael The Influence of Multiple Scales of Environmental Context on the Distribution and Interaction of an Introduced Seagrass and its Native Congener. 2013 Kern Ewing
Harwell, Alexandra The Restoration of ka’qsxw, also known as sweetgrass
(Schoenoplectus pungens), in the Nisqually Delta: The
case study of a culturally significant plant
2015 Kern Ewing
Haugo, Ryan Causes and consequences of conifer invasion into Pacific Northwest grasslands 2010 Jon Bakker
Hawn, Joellyn Process changes to improve commercial landscape viability 1995 Gordon Bradley
Henrich, Evan A Review of Endophyte-Host Relations and Implications for the Development of Agricultural Biotechnology 2013 Kern Ewing
Hill, Kathryn C Prescribed fire in grassland butterfly habitat: targeting weather and fuel conditions to reduce risk to larvae and enhance post-burn habitat heterogeneity 2015 Jon Bakker
Hinkley, Daniel J An interpretation of the maple collection of Washington Park Arboretum 1985 John Wott
Hintz, Daniel J Kincaid Ravine Restoration Project: A Two Year Progress Report with a Focus on Hydrology Improvements and Place Making 2016 Kern Ewing
Hitchin, Randall C The native forest vegetation in the Washington Park Arboretum : community analysis and curatorial recommendations 1998 Clem Hamilton
Horst, Megan Growing green : an inventory of public lands suitable for community gardening in Seattle, Washington 2008 Brandon Born
Houck, Catherine A The distribution and abundance of invasive plant species in freshwater wetlands of the Puget Sound lowlands, King County, Washington 1996 Kern Ewing
Hough-Snee, Nate The effects of flooding, fertilization and initial plant size on the growth and biomass allocation of Carex obnupta and Carex stipata 2010 Kern Ewing
Howard, Malcolm Prairie Rain Garden Design and Installation Project 2015 Kern Ewing
Hsiao, Jennifer Calibration, Validation and Improvement of a Process-based Crop Simulation Model for Hardneck Garlic (Allium sativum L.) 2015 Soo-Hyung Kim
Huang, Chih-Lin, 1957- Distribution and abundance of plants on the Montlake Wildlife Area 1988 Roger del Moral
Ichii, Naoko Comparative study of restoration projects in the United States and Japan 2003 John Wott
Jauregui, Juan Canjilon Wildland Urban Interface Project Analysis: Canjilon Ranger District Carson National Forest, New Mexico 2017 Jim Fridley
Johnson, Lara Mycorrhizal implication in the establishment of pioneer species on mine tailings 2004 Kern Ewing
Jones, Bryon University of Washington tree and woody shrub selection and planting specifications 2004 John Wott
Keeley, Melissa Ann A study in urban revegetation : germination and establishment of South Puget Sound prairie species on a capped landfill 2000 Clem Hamilton
Kimble, Matthew Variation of Terrestrial and Aquatic Riparian Biodiversity in Response to Watershed Condition 1999 Kern Ewing
Kinmonth-Shultz, Hannah Acquisition and allocation of resources in response to elevated CO2 and nitrogen fertilization in two perennial C3 grasses 2009 Soo-Hyung Kim
Kirsis, Valdis Imants A mapanal analysis of the Center for Urban Horticulture’s natural research area : a project summary [1988]
Kjelgren, Roger Keith, 1954- Development of Liquidambar styraciflua L. in three urban microclimates 1988 James Clark
Kleindl, William James A benthic index of biotic integrity for Puget Sound lowland streams, Washington, USA 1995 Kern Ewing
Kluver, Teresa. Native growth in the urban forest of Redmond, Washington : its management and maintenance 1996 Gordon Bradley
Kuser, John E Potential site index of redwood as a function of climate 1976
Kuykendall, Thomas Marshall Feasibility of establishing aesthetic injury levels for root weevil damage on rhododendron 1988 John Wott
Lambert, Amy Suan Juan Island Restoration 2006 Kern Ewing
Lambert, Amy Island Marble Butterfly 2011 Kern Ewing
Larson, Raymond James. The flora of Seattle in 1850 : major species and landscapes prior to urban development 2005 Sarah Reichard
Leach, Jennifer E. Invasion by Buddleja davidii; Impacts on the geomorphology of a gravel bar in the Tolt River, Washington 2007 Sarah Reichard and Tom Hinckley
LevySmith, Anya Wildflower celebration plan 2002 Sarah Reichard
Mack, Liz Using a thermal unit phenology model and spring temperature regressions to understand and predict two ornamental cherry cultivars’ response to future climate scenarios in Washington D.C.’s Tidal Basin 2011 Soo-Hyung Kim
Magley, Steven Bryan The influence of lifting date on tree establishment and its relationship to carbohydrate content 1985 James Clark
Martin, Melissa A. Native plant performance on a Seattle green roof 2007 Tom Hinckley
Mayer, Wayne E River Magic and other essays about life on the Venezuelan Llanos 1994 Bob Gara
Mazer, Greg Environmental limitations to bioswale vegetation growth and establishment in vegetated stormwater biofilters 1998 Kern Ewing
McCarthy, Allison Implementation plan for Floral Report Card: A National K-12 climate change education initiative 2011 Soo-Hyung Kim
McCauley, Margaret A Comparison of the water quality treatment effectiveness of three plant species in a constructed wetland for municipal wastewater treatment 1999 Kern Ewing
Mc Gowan, Katie Urban Wetland Seedbanks 2003 Kern Ewing
McGuff, Luke A Restoration Management Plan for North Beach Park 2014 Kern Ewing
McLean, Mike Rhododendron Glen stream re-establishment and enhancement project 2004 John Wott
McNamara, Darcy Leigh The role and function of the Washington Community Forestry Information Clearinghouse : report to the Washington Community Forestry Executive Advisory Committee, Washington Community Forestry Council, Washington Department of Natural Resources, Washington Community Forestry Program [1994] Gordon Bradley
Medbury, Scot Daniel The Olmsted taxonomic arboretum and its applications to Washington Park, Seattle 1990 John Wott
Milofsky, Jake Inventory of vegetation in dedicated street rights-of-way without streets 2011 Kern Ewing
Mitchell, Rachel The extent, drivers, and consequences of intraspecific variation in plant functional traits 2013 Jon Bakker
Murai, Midori Understanding the invasion of Pacific Northwest forests by English ivy (Hedera spp., Araliaceae) 1999 Clem Hamilton
Murphy, Kathryn Evaluation of Northwestern Seattle Parking Strip Soil for Urban Horticulture Land Use and Urban Food Production 2012 Sarah Reichard
Newell, Cameron Pollinator sampling and habitat restoration 2015 Kern Ewing and Jim Fridley
Neuman, Dawn Suzanne Leaf responses to root hypoxia in Phaseolus vulgaris L : involvement of plant hormones 1989 Barbara Smit
Neumann, Nicolette Designing and Installing an Agricultural Hedgerow to Restore Native Pollinator Habitat 2016 Kern Ewing
Nielson, Sarah M. Assessment of the adult education program at the Center for Urban Horticulture 2005 Sarah Reichard
Ontjes, Jason Salinity impacts on seed germination and grass growth in the Arctic 2003 Kern Ewing
Papanikolas, Susan The effects of shade and planting date on Oregon white oak (Quercus garryana) seedlings 1997 Kern Ewing
Parker, Katherine. Vegetative contribution to slope stability at Magnolia Park 1996 Clem Hamilton
Partington, Mignonne. Audience research and theme development for a water-efficient demonstration garden 1995 John Wott
Pastore, Carla L Woody plant introduction programs 1988
Pearson, Erikka. Control of Juncus effusus and enhancement of Carex spp. in a wetland mitigation site 2006 Sarah Reichard
Penberthy, Catharina. Watershed Park Borrow Pit Stewardship Plan 2013 Kern Ewing
Pesl, Suzanne R. Promotional plan : the Center for Urban Horticulture, Seattle, Washington 1988 Clem Hamilton
Peterman, Thomas Thatcher Bay Nearshore Restoration Monitoring 2015 2016 Kern Ewing
Peterson, Ben Urban tree cultural needs 2008 Kern Ewing
Petrova, Maria Improving ponderosa pine growth predictions in the Southwest 2011 Jon Bakker
Pfeiffer, Christina Ann Analyses of landscape design and maintenance requirements in urban parking lots 1986 John Wott
Pirzio-Biroli, Joan Mosenfelder. Sympatric populations of Ledum groenlandicum and L. glandulosum var. columbianum and the possible hybrid origin of L. glandulosum var. columbianum 1981 Art Kruckeberg
Plummer, Charles Foster Island, history, visitor use and management 1991 Kern Ewing
Pond, Rodney. Low elevation riparian forest restoration on a former gravel mine, North Cascades National Park : native plant germination, growth, and survival in response to soil amendment and mulches 2005 Kern Ewing
Portinga, Anna Eelgrass restoration 2002 Kern Ewing
Rains, Mark Cable Plant community structure along environmental gradients defined by hydrology, redox potential, and shade in two Pacific Northwest palustrine wetlands 1994 Kern Ewing
Ramsay, Matthew John. The effects of soil amendment and watering regime on germination of direct-seeded native plant species used in subalpine restoration at Cascade Pass, North Cascades National Park 2004 Kern Ewing
Reichard, Sarah H. The systematics and horticultural potential of the Drimys winteri J.R. & G. Forst. (Winteraceae) complex of Chile and Argentina 1989 Clem Hamilton
Reichard, Sarah H. Assessing the potential of invasiveness in woody plants introduced to North America 1994 Clem Hamilton
Rho, Tony The Effects of Diazotrophic Endophytes on Carbon and Nitrogen Metabolisms, and Water Relations of Rice Plants 2014 Soo-Hyung Kim
Rich, Lauren E Protection strategies, water quality standards and monitoring plan for the Suquamish Tribe’s Doe-Kag-Wats wetland 1993 Kern Ewing
Richardson, Jeff Derivation of Leaf Area Index from Multiple Return, Small-footprint Aerial LiDAR at the Washington Park Arboretum 2008 John Wott
Rickenbaker, Eve The UW Student Perception of the Washington Park Arboretum
2015 Sarah Reichard
Riskin, Cynthia Lee Guidebook to Invasive Nonnative Plants of the Elwha Watershed Restoration Olympic National Park, Washington 2013 Linda Chalker-Scott
Rocchio, Joe Effect of substrate and moisture on wetland restoration 1998 Kern Ewing
Saldi-Caromile, Kay. Management plan for Pierce Conservation District Demonstration Farm, part of the South Prairie Creek Preserve / prepared by Kay Caromile ; prepared for Pierce Conservation District, Puyallup, Washington. 2006 Kern Ewing
Salemi, Michelle Rose Seasonal characterization of the phenolic layer beneath floral buds of Rhododendron spp. 1999 Linda Chakler-Scott
Salogga, DiaFelice Smith Occurrence, symptoms and probable cause, Discula species, of Cornus leaf anthracnose 1982 Harold Tukey
Scannell, Christine Marie The biology and seasonal life history of the elm leaf miner, Fenusa ulmi (Sundevall), in the Pacific Northwest (Hymenoptera:Tenthredinidae) 2000 Bob Gara
Schaap, Wieger Use of branch and whole tree exposure systems to evaluate ozone impacts on forest trees 1992 Tom Hinckley
Schmidt, Brent M Urban vegetation management, computerized inventories : a case study of utilizing a sample-based inventory for three northwestern communities 1991 J Allen Wagar
Schmidt, David Restoration of a prairie ecosystem at the Yellow Island Preserve and the propagation of Castilleja hispida by vegetative cuttings 1998 John Wott
Schmidt, Natalie Parasitic plants and community composition: how Castilleja levisecta affects, and is affected by its community 2016 Jonathan D. Bakker
Schmitt, Doug Management of restoration in the Union Bay Natural Area 2007 Kern Ewing and Sarah Reichard
Schwartzkopf, Patrick Spruce Program at the WASHINGTON PARK ARBORETUM: High School Participation Program Program Curriculum 2007 John Wott
Shoffner, Anthony Vincent Light, irrigation and native soil addition effects uipon the establishment and growth of outplanted Arbutus menziesii seedlings in the urban environment 1996
Schuette, William R Hazard tree management of the University of Washington campus 1988
Schwartz, Matt Transforming Science into Best Practice: Restoring Process in Kincaid Ravine 2015 Kern Ewing and Sarah Reichard
Seebacher, Lizbeth Ann Restoration of coastal estuarine habitats within previously diked wetlands in the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve, Charleston, Oregon 1997 Kern Ewing
Seebacher, Lizbeth Ann. Phalaris arundinacea control and riparian restoration within agricultural watercourses in King County, Washington 2008 Sarah Reichard
Sherck, Ellen Fire Histories of Turn Point and Kellett Bluff, San Juan Islands, Washington 2013 Jon Bakker
Shoffner, Anthony V Light, irrigation, and native soil addition effects upon the establishment and growth of outplanted Arbutus menziesii seedlings in the urban landscape 1996 Tom Hinckley
Six, Laura Consequences of agroforestry management on understory vegetation and soils in Uruguay 2012 Jon Bakker
Smarr, Thomas Alan. Evaluating the development and management of native plant display gardens 2001 John Wott
Smith, Sierra. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi of abandoned agricultural land and their implications for the restoration of Puget Sound 2007 Sarah Reichard
Sommargren, Alaine Black lily ecology and restoration 2008 Kern Ewing
Sorensen, Daniel The invasion risk in the Pacific Northwest of two closely related grass species in the Genus Cortaderia 2016 Sarah Reichard
Studer, Noel K. An assessment of Urban Forest Management in Washington State Municipalities 2003 Kathy Wolf
Stuckey, Amanda K. S. Effects of planting techniques on Pacific Northwest native conifers in urban forested open-spaces 2007 Linda Chalker-Scott
Sullivan, Brooke Eelgrass wasting disease 2011 Kern Ewing
Swenerton, Kirra Katine Soil suitability and site preparation techniques for Castilleja levisecta restoration on Whidbey Island, Washington 2003 Kern Ewing
Tallis, Joshua Mycorrhizae and tropical moist forest restoration 2004 Kern Ewing
Taylor, Kelsey M. Competitive interactions and rhizome reproductive capacity of an invasive plant, garden loosestrife (Lysimachia vulgaris L.) 2017 Kern Ewing
Taylor, Norma Jean Reproductive biology of Hackelia venusta (Piper) St. John (Boraginaceae) 2008 Sarah Reichard
Tennant, Ginger Eelgrass endophytes 2010 Kern Ewing
Thompson, Mark Low Elevation Beargrass on the Olympic Peninsula: Effects of Light Levels and Stand History on Reproduction and Leaf Morphology Related to Cultural Uses 2015 Kern Ewing
Tian, Hong Root-shoot interactions in growth: reciprocal grafting in Populus and their F₂ offspring 1993 Tom Hinckley
Tracy, Julia Helen Investigating the aquatic ecology of University Slough before and after its connection to Ravenna Creek 2007 Kern Ewing
Tseng, Ruey-Shyan Sophia Evaluation of street trees in Taipei 1991 Clem Hamilton
Twight, Ben W., 1933- The clientele of the University of Washington Arboretum 1968 Grant Sharpe
Uthus, Cindy Reed Canarygrass (PHalaris arundinacea) uses, abuses and control. 1999 Kern Ewing
Vale, Kava University of Washington Seattle campus forest resource analysis 2011 Kern Ewing
Van Hoven, Stephen John A foundation for a synoptic garden of native plants of the Puget Sound for the Washington Park Arboretum 2003 John Wott
Vance, Betsy Investigating the ecological requirements of Hackelia venusta: an examination of the soils and their potential influence on the limited distribution of one of Washington States most endangered species 2013 Zabowski and Harrison
Varsi, Gael A maintenance-management plan for the Joseph A. Witt Winter Garden at Washington Park Arboretum 1994 Clem Hamilton
Vickerman, Larry G A survey of documented woody plant collections in western Washington 1993 John Wott
Walker, Elizabeth Citizen’s guide to urban forest management in the town of Clyde Hill 1993
Wandler, Regina Designing a continuing education program for Pacific Northwest resotration practitioners 2016 Kern Ewing
Watson, Christopher Watershed and stormwater assessment of the Washington Park Arboretum 2016 Sarah Reichard
Wayne, Wendy Campbell Factors affecting the reintroduction of golden paintbrush (Castilleja levisecta) 2004 Sarah Reichard
Welte, Cynthia Visitor Use and perceptions of Washington Park Arboretum 2011 Sarah Reichard
Wenger, Stacey Carex lyngbyei productivity in the Duwamish (urban) and Nisqually (non-urban) estuaries 1995 Kern Ewing
West, Paul Innis Arden reserve management plan 1991 James Clark
Wingate, Marty Education in arboriculture, urban forestry, and urban horticulture : a community college perspective 1996 J Allen Wagar
Wong, Christopher Growth and Development of Two Species of Sisyrinchium and their hybrids from Southern Central Washington and Northern Central Oregon 2015 Sarah Reichard
Wood, Joy Evaluating and monitoring the success of ecological restoration implemented by the University of Washington Restoration Ecology Network (UW-REN) capstone projects 2011 Fridley/Ewing
Wu, Su-Young Physiological differences between resistant and sensitive clones of hybrid poplar (Populus trichocarpa x Populus deltoides) to ozone exposure 1996 Tom Hinckley
Yoder, Theresa Ballard Green Spaces Project: A survey of the Ballard district for ecological restoration and habitat enhancement opportunities 2015 Kern Ewing
Zemke, Lizzie Establishing Festuca idahoensis on the University of Washington’s Union Bay Natural Area 1997 Kern Ewing
Zwart, Drew Physiology of Phytophthora-canker pathogens in landscape trees: impacts, mechanisms, and mitigation strategies 2012 Soo-Hyung Kim
Zybas, Laura. Rare plant monitoring : a quality assurance project plan and procedures 2000 John Wott


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