Youth and Family Self-Guided Adventures

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Spending time outdoors with your family is still important during Stay Home-Stay Healthy. Check out these self-guided adventures you can do while still observing these important safety measures.

More guidance from Washington on what it means to Stay Home-Stay Healthy.

Follow the simple step-by-step instructions; all you need is yourselves, the natural world around you, and maybe a writing utensil.


Available Adventures:

The Three D’s: Discover how to sustainably collect cool natural materials and use them to build a temporary fairy house!
Creative with Colors: Explore natural art by making your own dyes and paints from the nature around you.
Identity Sculpture: What makes you, YOU? Create a temporary nature sculpture that tells your personal story.
Pattern Play: Observe patterns in the outdoors around you. Play a guessing game to search for what your friends and family have found.
Seed Extravaganza: Explore a variety of seeds all over the park! (best in fall)
Sensory Buffet: Can you identify items around you by touch? Taste? Smell? Sound? In this adventure, you and your friends will take turns collecting items to create a feast for the senses.
Squirrel Chase: In this adventure, we’ll practice being extra sneaky as we play a game of predator and prey along the trail.
Super Stewards: Let’s explore some of the signs of human presence in the park and discover how we can be a super park steward!
Tiny Trek: Come on the world’s tiniest trek to see what things we might be overlooking along the trails!


Explorer Packs


School Explorer Packs are backpacks supplied with field guides, scavenger hunts, magnifying lenses and activity ideas for children in grades K-6. Each pack has enough supplies for a group of up to 15 children. Packs can be reserved and picked up at the Washington Park Arboretum’s Graham Visitor Center. They are perfect for school groups or enrichment programs that are looking to explore the Arboretum on their own terms.  A minimum of 48 hours notice is needed to rent an Explorer Pack.

Cost: $20 for a two hour rental.
Group Size: up to 15 students/children

Available Packs:

Tree-tective: Explore the trees of the Arboretum through scavenger hunts, games, magnifyng lenses and more.

Marsh Madness: Explore the shores of Lake Washington through scavenger hunts, games and above and below water exploration.

Signs of Spring: Explore the secrets of the season – parts of flowers, seeds, pollination through games, scavenger hunts and experiments. This pack is available March – June.

Sense of Winter: Learn about plant diversity and winter adaptations while exploring the Arboretum’s colorful and fragrant Winter Garden. This pack is available January-March.

Reserve an Explorer Pack Today!
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