Plant Identification Service

Dennis Wise
Callicarpa, beautyberry, identified by herbarium volunteers

The Hyde Herbarium provides free plant identification to the public. To have a plant identified, please bring in a sample of your unknown plant with either flowers or fruit to the herbarium during our open hours. You may also drop off plant samples for identification with the Center for Urban Horticulture reception desk when the herbarium is not open. If your plant sample does not have flowers or fruit, we will still make every effort to identify the plant sample, but may not be able to accurately identify the plant species.

Download the Plant Identification Form

Plants are best identified from fresh samples but photos may be used to identify plants as well. Email the Collections Manager with plant photos and a description of the plant and its growing conditions at

To mail a plant sample to the Hyde Herbarium, please fill out a plant identification form and mail to:

Hyde Herbarium, UWBG
University of Washington
Box 354115
Seattle, WA 98195-4115

Additional Services

Dennis Wise
Spring in the Arboretum

The Hyde Herbarium also provides assistance to the public, students, faculty and staff with plant identification and plant keying. Herbarium staff can assist with identification questions, provide guidance to appropriate resources and help navigate the collection of herbarium specimens.

Students and researchers are also encouraged to submit voucher specimens from their research to the Hyde Herbarium. Submitting voucher specimens to the herbarium provides a permanent record of the plant researched. The herbarium will process plant specimens and provide long-term care to voucher specimens, including them in our main collection. For information on collecting and making voucher specimens, please contact the Collections Manager at or (206) 685-2589.

Eve Rickenbaker
Herbarium specimen of Cynara cardunculus

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