We are grateful for the many wonderful organizations that provide funding and support for the UW Farm and its mission.

pea vines

The School of Public HealthThe College of The Enviroment, and Housing and Food Services fund 75% of the Farm Manager position.

The UW Botanic Gardens houses the UW farm as one of its programs and provides overhead and administrative support.

Finance and Facilities has supported eight paid student staff positions on the farm since 2014, allowing those students to learn the ins and outs of food production throughout the growing season. They have also provided invaluable on-the-ground support with various projects at the farm.

The Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) is a fund that sponsors sustainability projects on campus that students, staff, faculty, and organizations propose. The fund  gathers more than $300,000 annually from student fees for sustainability projects. In 2015 CSF granted us funds for both a pollinator hedgerow on the southern border of the farm, and a children’s garden, which we will use to host school field trips.

Thanks to the generosity of the Tilth Producers of Washington, 9 UW Student Farmers were able to acquire scholarships to attend Tilth Producers Conference in 2015 and 2016.

City Fruit gave a fruit tree pruning tutorial to farm students at Mercer Court in the winter of 2015, and has offered a wonderful addition to our CSA program with their bountiful bags of freshly picked Seattle-grown fruit each summer.

Cedar Grove has generously donated our compost since 2013!

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