Running an education-based farm and feeding the community relies on support from many different departments, businesses and individuals.

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Help the Farm Grow!

Every year, we have the capacity to grow more food and be a  bigger educational and research resource at the UW, but not without your support. Every contribution goes to work immediately, helping us better serve students. Your support can sustain our momentum and help seed new opportunities for student internships, academic work, and future growth. Please consider making a gift to the Farm today.

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Future Project:  Help Us Improve Food Safety and Reduce the Carbon Foot Print of Food

We want to build a Mini-Wash/Pack at the farm site at Mercer Court

This would be a place for washing, packing and harvesting produce at the Mercer Court location on west campus. We grow food on nearly a half acre at this site and we are challenged with space and a place to secure our tools and wash hands before the harvest.. Since 2013, UW Farm staff have had to drive produce all the way to east campus to the farm site at the Center for Urban Horticulture in order to wash and pack our produce. Then we drive back to west campus to deliver.

We received an estimate and design to retrofit an existing area at the Mercer Court site. The $8,000.00 project would  create an innovative, enclosed space for sinks, tools, and fold-down-up tables enclosed with sliding walls. Educational food safety and harvest information would adorn the walls. If you are interested seeing the design, having some input, and/or helping us make this happen, email the Farm Manager, Perry Acworth,

In-Kind Donations:

Donate Materials and Supplies!

toolsDo you have extra farming or gardening equipment or other supplies that you would like to donate? Check out our Wish List below. Or, if you have other resources and networks we would like to learn more!  Reach out to the UW Farm: 

Wish List

  • wheelbarrows
  • compost
  • pruners
  • digging forks
  • shovels
  • 100′ garden hose
  • dry applewood, cherry, or other hardwoods for our pizza oven
  • metal “peel” (for putting pizzas in the oven)
  • scissors
  • clean, food-grade 5-gallon buckets with metal handles
  • bulb crates
  • 20 volt screw gun
  • circular saw
  • hack saw
  • Hori Hori
  • metal trowel
  • brooms
  • fig trees

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