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Two visitors relax on a memorial bench under a tree.

Your investment makes a difference in the quality of the educational, research and community outreach experiences offered at the UW Botanic Gardens. Funding from the State of Washington only covers about 25% of the cost of running our programs and taking care of our beautiful 330 acres. Therefore, we count on our visitors, friends and alumni to help support our efforts and continue to expand the services and classes we offer our students and the community.

A gift to the UW Botanic Gardens Directors Fund provides flexible support for our Director to meet the most critical needs within our programs as well as respond to emerging opportunities.

Are you interested in supporting a specific program or area of the UW Botanic Gardens? Read more about our programs.

Ways to Give

  • Give a gift online
  • Write a check payable to UW Botanic Gardens and mail it to: UW Botanic Gardens, Box 354115, Seattle, WA  98195
  • Sponsor a Bench: Provide a place to enjoy the beauty of the UW Botanic Gardens, honor a special event or loved with a commemorative bench at Center for Urban Horticulture or the Washington Park Arboretum.
  • In Kind Gifts: The University of Washington Botanic Gardens welcomes the donation of in-kind gifts, which are items that will be used by our programs, or sold for the benefit of them.  The most common items we receive include horticulture books for the Miller Library, plants for the Washington Park Arboretum or our other gardens, and tools for our horticulture staff. Please contact Zanne Gerrard at 206-685-0877 or if you have an item you are considering donating.  To donate to the Miller Library please contact the Library at 206-543-0415.  Appraisal requirements for donating items
  • Annual Gifts:  Gifts to the annual fund provide critical ongoing support for our gardens, programs and educational offerings
  • Make a planned gift or a bequest in your will to support the UW Botanic Gardens
  • Endowed Gifts:  make a lasting and permanent gift to support us via an endowment
  • Volunteer: you can help make the UW Botanic Gardens a success by volunteering your time

Priority Gift Funds

Prof. Sarah E. Reichard Endowed Fund for UW Botanic Gardens

To support the Botanic Gardens for public education, outreach, student education, research, and general maintenance & improvement of gardens & plant collections. This fund honors former UW Botanic Gardens Director, Professor Sarah E. Reichard.

UW Botanic Gardens Director’s Priorities

Supports the most critical needs for the programs and gardens within the UW Botanic Gardens. GIVE NOW

Washington Park Arboretum Support Fund

Provides support for the activities related to the Washington Park Arboretum, a 230-acre park and plant collection managed by the UW Botanic Gardens in the School of Environmental & Forest Sciences. GIVE NOW

UW Botanic Gardens Youth & Family Education Fund

Supports the activities of the University of Washington Botanic Gardens Youth and Family Education programs, which provide hands-on science and nature inspired learning experiences for preschoolers, K-12 classes and families. GIVE NOW

UW Botanic Gardens Adult and Professional Education Fund

Enhances efforts of the UWBG Education and Outreach unit, which provides high quality courses, seminars and symposia year round, serving professional land managers, gardeners, nature artists, the citizen scientist and the general public. GIVE NOW

Otis Douglas Hyde Herbarium Fund

Supports the efforts of the Hyde Herbarium, part of the UW Botanic Gardens, to document the Washington Park Arboretum’s plant collection as well as other significant gardens in the area. GIVE NOW

Miller Library Support Fund

Supports book and periodical collections, the Plant Answer Line reference service, and general operations of the Elisabeth C. Miller Library at the UW Botanic Gardens, the premium horticultural library in the Pacific Northwest serving the University and the general public. GIVE NOW

Rare Plant Care & Conservation

Supports the Washington Rare Plant Care and Conservation Program at the UW Botanic Gardens, which provides conservation of native rare plant species through rare plant monitoring, seed collection and storage, and plant propagation. GIVE NOW

Fiddleheads Forest School Fund

Supports UW Botanic Gardens’ Fiddleheads Forest School, a nature-based preschool that supports social, emotional, and physical development of young children. Gifts may be used for general departmental needs and student support. GIVE NOW

Union Bay Natural Area – Yesler Swamp

For the development of a trail system and maintenance of the “Yesler Swamp” area of the UWBG’s Union Bay Natural Area. This fund also includes gifts made possible through the efforts of the Friends of Yesler Swamp. GIVE NOW

Union Bay Natural Area Fund

Enhances work in a 74-acre public wildlife area and natural restoration laboratory within the UW Botanic Gardens. It is, the second largest natural area that remains on the Lake Washington shoreline. Formerly a landfill, it is now a diverse system of meadows, woods, and wetlands. GIVE NOW

For more information about supporting the UW Botanic Gardens, Kristin Buckley at 206-221-0395 or

Thank you for supporting UW Botanic Gardens!

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