Farming is a demanding but extremely rewarding activity. We are lucky to have a team of students and many volunteers from the community to grow with us! 

2018 Farm Team

Perry Acworth, UW Farm Manager

Persis “Perry” originally hails from Long Island, New York, but New England also has a special place in her heart, since she owned and operated a commercial sheep dairy and farm in Union, Maine for 17 years. In addition to running her own farm, she has worked with nine species of livestock, gutted fish at canneries in Alaska, served as recycling coordinator for Chittenden County, Vermont, and was the shepherd and educator at a rare breeds foundation and farm in Maine.

In 2012, Perry sold her farm and moved to the PNW to pursue a graduate degree with the goal of becoming a farm educator in order to connect urban populations to the food system. Since earning her masters in education at UW in 2014, Perry has managed three student farms. She has also taught classes in sustainable agriculture, food safety and urban farm and business planning. In 2017, prior to accepting the UW Farm Manger position, Perry helped create a new farm business incubator in Woodinville for Viva Farms and ran the student farm for SAgE.

Perry was also involved with the UW Farm as a graduate student as an Urban Farm TA, and completed her master’s project with Tilth’s Seattle Youth Garden Works. She is very excited to be back again in her new capacity as the Farm Manager.

Year at UW: MEd ’14

Hails from: Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Hobbies: cycling, hiking, and ultimate frisbee

Favorite veggie or fruit that we grow at UW: tomatoes and lettuce

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photoClaire Kasinadhuni, Lead Student Staff

Claire has been volunteering at the farm since fall quarter 2016. Newly empowered by the knowledge of food production and cultivation, she hopes to share her experience with others and learn as much as she can for future farm endeavors.

Year at UW: Junior

Hails from: Seattle

Hobbies: Biking, hiking, backpacking and generally being outdoors

Favorite veggie or fruit that we grow at UW: Beets


Aisling Doyle Wade, Student Staff

Entering her second year at the University of Washington in the fall of 2018, Aisling is currently hoping to major in Community, Environment and Planning with a focus on food justice and urban agriculture. While taking environmental studies classes and volunteering at the farm, Aisling discovered a deep interest in food systems and agriculture and was excited to have the opportunity to become a member of the UW farm team! Aisling is an avid urban cyclist (who is still struggling to take to plunge and get a driver’s license) and her ideal day would include spending time with friends in the great outdoors then sharing a big home-cooked meal. 

Year at UW: Sophomore

Hails from: Seattle

Hobbies: Cycling, hiking, camping

Favorite veggie or fruit that we grow at UW: Tomatoes

Makaila Wood, Student Staff

Entering her third year at the University of Washington in the fall of 2018, Makaila Wood is a major in Biology, Plant Science. She began as a farm volunteer due to her desire to work with plants. At first she contacted the UW Botany Greenhouse, but due to the construction of a new building on the site, the contact there recommended the farm. After volunteering on a regular basis, she decided to apply for the student staff/paid internship position. Makaila helps the farm team identify some of the lesser-known perennial plants on the farm sites and weeds too!

Year at UW: Junior

Hails from: Marysville, WA

Hobbies: Hiking and reading

Favorite veggie or fruit that we grow at UW: Kohlrabi

Jeani Hunt-Gibbon, Student Communications Coordinator

Jeani is a 2nd year graduate student in the Nutritional Sciences department, but she also has several years of marketing and PR experience. In her former life, she promoted everything from food and wine products to hotels and tourism in downtown San Francisco. Having studied English and French at UC Berkeley, she parlayed her writing and communications skills into a successful career. Yet, a part of her wished for work with a deeper meaning. After trying out several ideas, she landed on nutrition, because she believes it is an excellent tool to prevent and treat chronic disease. She is now a second year graduate student, TA and Top Scholar at UW. Each week, she puts together an e-newsletter for the UW Farm with healthy recipes and nutrition info. Plus, she helps update the website, social media channels and manage communications for the UW Farm. Sign up to receive our newsletter here.

Year at UW: 2nd Year Graduate Student

Hails from: San Francisco

Hobbies: Aerial circus arts, hiking, biking, ballet, yoga, traveling, trying new recipes

Favorite veggie we grow at UW: beets, fava beans, hot peppers

2018 Community Volunteers

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at the UW Farm, and we’re grateful for all of the volunteers who help keep things running! If you’d like to volunteer with us, get info here.

photoFranklin Furlong

Franklin has been a volunteer at the UW Farm since 2014. Recently retired from UW Medicine where he was an IT staff person in Laboratory Medicine. Upon retiring, one of the first things he missed was being in a health, biology, and scientific setting. He started volunteering at the UW farm because the work included all of those aspects! He is a quintessential city guy, but he is very grateful to have access to the soil to help grow and harvest food in an urban setting. Each week he enjoys receiving a UW Farm CSA box that he helped harvest and trying out new recipes from our newsletter!

Franklin is the farm’s Social Media guru, snapping photos during every visit and helping the farm connect with others via our Facebook page and Instagram accounts.

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