We grow a lot of food throughout the season and it is a lot of work!
To help us out, we are lucky to have a team of students growing with us!

2017 Student Staff

Leo Montagne

Leo Montagne is a senior Geography student at the University of Washington who is interested in the geography of food and agriculture. He operated his own landscaping business in Seattle between 2006-2013 when he decided it was time to move on. He has a strong passion for nature and building resilient communities through direct engagement with local, sustainable food systems and the people that interact with them. For fun he likes to play basketball, guitar, hike, skate, snowboard and have good laughs while doing hard work.


Claira Young

Claira is a junior studying Biology. She has been connected with the farm since 2016 through her active role in the ASUW Student Food Cooperative. She is an advocate for food justice and food accessibility on campus and the greater Seattle area. Claira is minoring in nutritional science and is passionate about the interconnectedness of diet and health. She has always loved spending her time outdoors. Claira is excited to become more involved in the farm and learn how to grow sustainably this 2017 season. Besides studying and working at the farm, Claira will be running outside, taking a yoga class, cooking with her friends, reading a good book, or hiking with her family dog.





photoClaire Kasinadhuni

Claire is currently a freshman majoring in Environmental Studies. She has been volunteering at the farm since fall quarter 2016 and is stoked to begin a more permanent gig this spring. She enjoys biking, hiking, backpacking and generally being outside, rain or shine! Newly empowered by the knowledge of food production and cultivation, she hopes to share her experience with others and learn as much as she can for future farm endeavors.







photoFranny Olson

Franny is a junior majoring in Environmental Studies, with a concentration in food studies and a minor in Nutritional Sciences. She has a passion for learning about the interaction between food, human health and the environment and has had a love of farming and gardening for as long as she can remember. She first came to the farm in the fall of 2015 after hearing about it through one of her environmental studies courses. She especially loves that the farm offers hands-on learning in the outdoors and brings people of all backgrounds together to learn about growing food sustainably! Franny is very excited to start spending more time on the farm and to become more involved during the 2017 growing season. Besides farming, her other interests include hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, volunteering at a local horse and donkey rescue, and cooking.





photoAnna Beebe

Anna Beebe is currently pursuing a degree in Public Health (BS), and will be graduating in Spring 2017. The farm has been her favorite place at UW. She cares about the farm for all that it has taught her about growing food. The farm brought together all her passions including, being outside, cooking, and eating healthy food. The farm for her is a space to be in the dirt, and build community at UW.






photoEllie Garcia

Ellie is a senior studying biology and psychology. She loves the message of sustainability the farm brings to the table (no pun intended). Growing up, she learned the importance of taking time to really understand where our food comes from. Through the farm she now looks forward to empowering others to grow locally sourced food via outreach, as well as being empowered herself! On her off-time she enjoys working in her research lab, and to relax she loves backpacking, Crossfit, and cooking.





2017 Farm Leadership Team

photoBridget Bocko

Bridget is an undergraduate student studying Communications, Nutrition, and Italian at the University of Washington. She joined the farm in 2017 but wishes she’d found it much earlier. She hopes to someday become a Registered Dietitian. Bridget practices hot yoga daily and also enjoys cooking, baking, reading, hiking, and surfing. She loves the way the farm connects her to other like-minded individuals and the Earth. Bridget looks forward to WWOOFing abroad, moving back to Hawaii, and having a backyard farm of her own in the future.





photoJohnl Milhans

Johnl Milhans is a senior studying communications and environmental science management. She is minoring in nutrition which is why she cares so much about the farm. She began her journey at the farm freshmen year and has been interested in propagation ever since.


photoMaya Garber-Yonts

Maya is majoring in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. She works on community outreach and social events at the UW Farm and started volunteering at the farm during her freshman year. If Maya isn’t cooking pizzas at the farm, she is probably cooking food somewhere else! She enjoys spending time backpacking, rock climbing, cow-tipping, squirrel-catching and competitive napping. Maya loves to see the friendships evolve around the growing and, most importantly, the eating of the food grown on the farm. She enjoys the incredible community that the farm fosters and is excited to work to create opportunities for even more people to join the UW Farm family!


photoZoe Frumin

Zoe is a sophomore with an undecided major who got involved at the farm in fall of 2015. She is currently the Manager of the ASUW Student Food Cooperative, a close partner with the UW Farm. Zoe loves being on the farm because it allows her to step away from everything and spend time outside learning and growing with like-minded people. When not on the farm Zoe is skiing, cooking, running, or practicing yoga.






photoSavannah Sharron Reams-Taylor, Outreach Coordinator

Savannah is currently obtaining an Entrepreneurship major and Marketing option through the UW’s Foster School of Business. She recently started volunteering at the UW Farm and loved the atmosphere around sustainability, community, and farming! Enjoying the whole experience, Savannah wanted to get more involved. She recently stepped into the Outreach Coordinator position to help raise awareness and interest for the Farm around Campus! She loves acting, hiking, dancing, music, animals and farming!



photoNathan Bombardier

Nathan is a Junior studying Community, Environment and Planning. He has been involved in the UW Farm since he started attending the “Farm Ed” classes during Autumn of 2014. He loves seeing people discover the joys of growing vegetables and learning about their food’s origins. For the Summer of 2016 Nathan is working as a Jackson Munro fellow to help build the farm’s capacity and organize its events. He is also involved in other student groups such as Husky Real Food Challenge and Tent City Collective.




2017 Community Volunteers

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at the UW Farm and we’re grateful for the help of all the volunteers that help keep things running!

photoJosh Furman

Josh is a graduate of the University of Washington, and currently works at a local nonprofit. He is lucky to have stumbled upon the farm one afternoon. Josh tries to stay connected to anything cooking related on the farm, and you can regularly find him helping with farm lunches, cooking classes, and canning workshops. There is such an amazing group of dedicated and thoughtful students, and it has been fun for Josh to watch the farm grow under Sarah and the student’s commitment and care.




photoFranklin Furlong

Franklin has been a volunteer at the UW Farm since 2014. Recently retired from UW Medicine where he was an Information Technology staff person in Laboratory Medicine. Upon retiring, one of the first things he missed was being in a health, biology, and scientific setting everyday. He started volunteering at the UW farm because the work included all those aspects! He is quintessentially a city guy, but he is very grateful to have access to the soil to help grow food and harvest it fresh in an urban setting This year he has invested in the farm as a CSA member. Harvesting crops during the day gives him an added insight into where the vegetables in his CSA box were in the morning. Each week he practices cooking vegetables and fruits with the recipes the farm staff send by email.

The bonus for Frank is working with a motivated, warm and friendly community of staff, interns and volunteers. He feels so good coming home after a few hours each week working with them.


Interim Community and Social Media Coordinator

photoRae Russell

Rae is an artist, plant-nerd, and reluctant techie who manages the UW Farm’s web presence and assists with community coordination. When she isn’t in front of a computer screen, she enjoys hiking, gardening, and cooking. She loves working with the UW Farm because it gives her a chance to help support sustainable agricultural practices and feel closer to her local food sources.

If you have a question about volunteering, farm tours, the UW Farm website, facebook page, or newsletter you can contact Rae at raer@uw.edu.





Education Coordinator

photoAmy Hughes

Amy Hughes is educational outreach coordinator at the UW Farm and Botanic Gardens.  She adores eating farm fresh veggies grown with love, petting bumblebees, sniffing the flowers, and basking in the sun at the UW Farm–one of her treasured places.  She feels privileged to work at such a beautiful place, mingle with such fascinating and optimistic people, and interact with inquisitive and engaged youth.  She hopes to open children’s eyes to the miracle of the natural world and help facilitate environmental stewardship.   She has a background in both environmental science and education.  Drop her a line at ash7@uw.edu


UW Farm Manager

The new interim farm manager starts March 27th. Please send questions to theuwfarm@gmail.com .


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