Jul 19, 2011 / Education, Travelogue / Patrick Mulligan

From Russia with Love

Greetings from Vladivostok, Russia!

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July 2011 Plant Profile: Triteleia (Brodiaea)

Triteleia are somewhat of a taxonomic nightmare, but truly a much overlooked summer flowering bulb!

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Jun 22, 2011 / News / Pat Chinn-Sloan

June Color Appears at the Washington Park Arboretum (Part II)

Acer macrophyllum ‘Kimballiae’ (cut leaf Oregon maple)
Lithocarpus densiflorus (tanbark oak)
Neolitsea sericea
Styrax obassia (bigleaf snowbell tree)
Trochodendron aralioides (wheel tree)

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Jun 17, 2011 / News / UWBG Communication Staff

Ethical Gardening Book by UWBG Director Reichard Reviewed

Are you a conscientious gardener?
How up-to-date are you on pest and invasive plant management, peat and vermiculite, water conservation and coexistence with native animals? Dr. Sarah Reichard, Professor and Acting Director of the UW Botanic Gardeners, has just made it a whole lot easier to garden responsibly with her 2011 book, The Conscientious Gardener: Cultivating a Garden Ethic.
Reviews of the book:

New York Times recommended summer gardening reads
Seattle garden writer and former Miller Library manager, Val Easton’s review in the Seattle Times. 

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Jun 9, 2011 / News / Pat Chinn-Sloan

June Color Appears at the Washington Park Arboretum

Aesculus pavia (Red Buckeye)
Lonicera ciliosa
Lonicera maackii var. erubescens
Lithocarpus densiflorus var. echinoides (Dwarf Tan Oak)
Laburnum x watereri ‘Vossii’ (Hybrid Goldenchain Tree)

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June 2011 Plant Profile: Glumicalyx goseloides

Walking down the Soest Garden path, it’s very easy to miss seeing Nodding Chocolate Flower, a remarkable perennial plant all the way from South Africa.

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GROW participants visit CUH and the UW Farm

May Fieldtrips
The two days that GROW high school students visited CUH and
the UW Farm were full of sunshine. Students from Susan Barth’s horticulture class at Nova High School and students from Jessica Torvik’s horticulture/ecology classes were introduced to resources for their GROW projects through scheduled tours and activities. Maggie Roses’ science classes from Ingraham focused on working with Lisa
Haglund and Patrick Mulligan on the site prep and plant installation in the
newly restored storm water garden at CUH. 

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May 31, 2011 / Washington Park Arboretum, News / UWBG Communication Staff

Imagine No More 520 Ramps in the Arboretum!

Arboretum Drive by E. Welty

Join in the public meeting for the North Entry and Multi-use Trail projects for the Washington Park Arboretum on Wed. June 8, 2011 from 6:30 – 8 p.m. at the Graham Visitor Center in the Arboretum.

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May 29, 2011 / Union Bay Natural Area, News / UWBG Communication Staff

A successful season of restoration in UBNA!

This spring quarter wrapped up a wonderful season of restoration events in the Union Bay Natural Area, with fantastic progress being made on several projects.  Tallying 177 individual visits in the spring quarter, students and community members collectively donated over 400 hours of their time to the restoration efforts being made in UBNA!
The northern end of Yesler Swamp saw a major improvement with the removal of a large monoculture of Himalayan blackberry.  

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May 25, 2011 / News / Pat Chinn-Sloan

May Color Appears at the Washington Park Arboretum (Part II)

Rhododendron ‘Firefly’     Grid 16-B
Rhododendron japonicum Grid 40-1E
Rhododendron ‘Knap Hill Apricot’     Grid 39-B
Rhododendron occidentale (Pink Form)     Grid 37-1W
Rhododendron ‘Sandpiper’     Grid 37-B

Complete details. 

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