inside greenhouse view of benches with plants
View inside the Douglas Research Conservatory Greenhouse

The greenhouse rental program is an opportunity for seed-starting, overwintering or, perhaps, maintaining a delicate plant collection.

Who Can Rent the Space:

While much of the Greenhouse Space is used for UW student scientific research, other bench space is available and open to rent by anyone in the general public. Individuals or companies can rent bench space to get seeds started for their vegetables and flowers at home – or perhaps maintain interior plants for corporate offices or do their own research.

Unit Size

  • One unit is 12 square feet on a shared bench and is the minimum rental required.
  • One full bench is 90 square feet.

(In all cases, bench rentals are for a 3-month minimum and incur a $50 one-time set-up fee.)

What’s Included:

  • Weekly weekend watering
  • Year-round heat and light control: Auto set temperature, LED lighting and humidity controls. Auto roof vents and shade system.
  • Use of public potting area
  • Potting mix soil
  • Use of on-site misting bench
  • Pest control performed by WSDA pesticide licensed staff.
  • Galvanized raised metal benches on movable platforms
  • In-room swamp cooler

Interested?  Please reach out to UWBGFAC@UW.EDU and let us know what months you are interested in and how much bench space you need! (Note: Initial plant inspection required prior to rental agreement approval.)

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