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July 2016 Plant Profile: Phormium cookianum

Phormium cookianum at the Washington Park Arboretum

Don’t miss the New Zealand Flax now in full bloom in Pacific Connections.

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June 2016 Plant Profile: Primula bulleyana

Beautiful primroses will brighten the damp areas of the garden.

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May 2016 Plant Profile: Kalmia latifolia

kalmia photo

The exquisite flower buds on this North American native shrub look like dots of frosting on a decorated cake.

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Apr 5, 2016 / Plant Profiles / Communication Staff

April 2016 Plant Profile: Brassica oleracea

Is that flowering kale still edible? UW farmers say “of course!”

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March 2016 Plant Profile: Abies grandis

Our native grand fir … “is usually left in the forest to make music and distill incense.”

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February 2016 Plant Profile: Taiwania cryptomerioides

One of the best conifers and most unusual for foliar effects in February is Taiwania cryptomerioides, the Coffin tree.

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January 2016 Plant Profile: a Study on Sticks in the Witt Winter Garden

Get thee to the Arboretum’s Witt Winter Garden and glory in the bare naked plants!

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December 2015 Plant Profile: Euonymus europaeus ‘Atrorubens’

Traditionally, this plant’s stems were used to make spindles to twine wool and flax into yarn. Learn more about this month’s featured plant.

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November 2015 Plant Profile: Danae racemosa

Poet’s Laurel is a jewel that will brighten the November garden.

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Sep 29, 2015 / Plant Profiles / Communication Staff

October 2015 Plant Profile: Cucurbita maxima

Winter squash is one of the most rewarding crops for vegetable gardeners to grow.

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