Fiddleheads Forest School is an entirely outdoor, nature-based program where the premise for our day-to-day activities is play and exploration. As children engage with the world around them and inquire about it we will supplement with curriculum to further engage their curiosity.

At Fiddleheads Forest School we will…

  • Promote social skills and positive self-image through group play and cooperative learning
  • Develop activities that encourage cognitive growth, problem-solving skills and development of physical motor skills
  • Encourage problem-solving and reflection by asking open-ended questions and provide information in response to children’s ideas, insights, and concerns
  • Provide a supportive, safe learning environment to encourage discovery, questioning and experimentation
  • Cultivate emotional literacy and empathy to develop self-esteem
  • Nurture self-expression, creativity and reflection
  • Encourage family involvement to help students appreciate the wisdom of their first teachers — their families
  • Celebrate diversity of all living things and the individuality of children and families
  • Instill respect and appreciation for the natural world

Interested in applying for the 2019-2020 school year? Sign up for our interest list to receive school year information and a link to the application when it becomes available in mid-January.

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