Take a peek inside our forest school with this episode produced by the Seattle Channel:

Fiddleheads Forest School believes in supporting the growth of the whole child through attention to their social and emotional development, self-regulation and physical development.

Philosophy: Children are intrinsically motivated to learn, and they do so by exploring the world around them. At Fiddleheads Forest School, we aim to foster a sense of wonder, to guide rather than compel, and to provide room for possibility rather than attempt to constrain children’s interests to fit within a certain curriculum. Our goal is to create an ideal setting for students to grow into citizens of the world; having a respect for all cultures and environments and a desire to engage with their communities. We maintain high academic standards through the development of a unique individualized curriculum that not only provides children with the skills they need to be prepared for kindergarten, but the ability to regulate themselves, and navigate interactions and friendships with others.

When children leave Fiddleheads Forest School to enter their next phase they can…

  • Participate as a member of an interdependent community
  • Care for themselves and those around them
  • Realize and express their own needs in a clear way
  • Cooperate with other children to accomplish group goals
  • Understand the expectations of others in a given setting
  • Express many human emotions in language and art
  • Be inquisitive and make connections
  • Initiate new ideas and invent solutions to problems
  • Stick at difficult tasks or come back to them later in order to succeed.
  • Run, catch, throw, kick and tumble
  • Laugh and play with a sense of joy.
  • Paint, draw, sculpt, and construct objects of beauty
  • Care for common spaces and materials to maintain cleanliness and order.
  • Act in stewardship for the environment and one’s own health and well being.


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