The Fiddleheads Forest School believes in supporting the growth of the whole child through attention to their social and emotional development, self-regulation and physical development.

When children leave the Fiddleheads Forest School to enter their next phase they can…

  • Participate as a member of an interdependent community
  • Care for themselves and those around them
  • Realize and express their own needs in a clear way
  • Cooperate with other children to accomplish group goals
  • Understand the expectations of others in a given setting
  • Express many human emotions in language and art
  • Be inquisitive and make connections
  • Initiate new ideas and invent solutions to problems
  • Stick at difficult tasks or come back to them later in order to succeed.
  • Run, catch, throw, kick and tumble
  • Laugh and play with a sense of joy.
  • Paint, draw, sculpt, and construct objects of beauty
  • Care for common spaces and materials to maintain cleanliness and order.
  • Act in stewardship for the environment and one’s own health and well being.



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