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July 2006 Plant Profile: Foeniculum vulgare ‘Purpurescens’

Traditionally used as an herb, bronze leaf fennel has been a favorite among perennial gardeners for many years because of its airy texture, soft smoky color, anise-aroma, the height it can reach making it a stand out in the garden.
The main drawback of this plant for many gardeners is its invasive potential in the landscape. When allowed to set seed, one will spend endless hours eradicating them if seedlings are allowed to establish because they have a long taproot (being in the carrot family). 

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June 2006 Plant Profile: Stipa gigantea

Beds 5 and 6 hold two large specimens of an ornamental grass that has always been an eye-catcher come June. Giant Feather Grass is a native to Spain and Portugal. It thrives is mild areas and withstands drought and heat once established. The plants are architecturally appealing by themselves or as a companion plant adding a fine, airy texture for interest through the summer, fall and even winter months! 

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