September 2009 Plant Profile: Tricyrtis ‘Taipei Silk’

Probably because of the common name of “Toad Lily”, Tricyrtis is a genus that is still highly underutilized in the fall landscape. They are adaptable, easy to grow and just require moist shade and protection from slugs. While some selections tend to be somewhat floppy and unattractive, ‘Taipei Silk’ stays relatively tidy and in late summer into early fall, it is absolutely loaded with deep purple buds and lovely 1″ blooms that burst open to reveal a lovely blend of violet pink, blending to white in the center with a hint of blue at the tips. It is just an outstanding transitional summer-fall flowering perennial.

Common Name: Taipei Silk Toad Lily
Location: Bed 1 and the Miller Library Beds
Family: Liliaceae
Origin: Garden Origin
Height: 15-30″
Spread: 20-25″
Bloom Time: Late Summer-Fall
Bloom Type/Color: Violet pink with white
Exposure: Part – Full Shade
Water/Soil: Well drained, but consistently moist.