May 2010 Plant Profile: Lupinus ‘The Governor’

Lupines have long been staples in the perennial border. With their elegant line, exquisite colors and fine-textured foliage, they create accents, punctuation, and almost a wave of movement when used as a group in both the garden and in cut flower arrangements. We have just one lupine in the Soest Garden and it is a seedling strain known as ‘The Governor’. It is one of many Russell Hybrid lupines developed by George Russell in Yorkshire, England and one of the most striking perennials in the late spring garden. Interplanted with geraniums, catmint, and English roses, it’s the iconic cottage garden look that’s just so classic, it never goes out of style.

Lupinus 'The Governor' in full bloom in Bed 5 at the Soest Perennial Display Garden (Bed 5)

Common Name: The Governor Lupine
Location: Soest Garden Bed 5
Family: Fabaceae
Origin: Garden Origin
Height: 2-2.5ft.
Spread: Clumps to about 2ft.
Bloom Time: May and sometimes into June.
Bloom Type/Color: Dense open whorls of Pea-like blue and white flowers on erect spikes.
Exposure: Full Sun
Water/Soil: Well drained, moderately moist.

2 Responses to “May 2010 Plant Profile: Lupinus 'The Governor'”

  1. Soest Gardener, Riz Reyes

    Aphids can easily be washed off with a powerful spray of a hose to get them sort of under control, but your best bet is to use an organic insecticidal soap. Aphids go after the young shoots and leaves so the earlier you detect them and treat them, the better. Also, always practice good sanitation in the garden by removing spent foliage, flower heads and maintain good air circulation between the plants.

  2. Jean Colley

    I love lupines, too, but what do you recommend for controlling aphids that seem to appear on these plants with clock-work regularity?