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Apr 9, 2013 / Education, News / Patrick Mulligan

UWBG Bioblitz 2013 at the Washington Park Arboretum

Space is limited, so click here to sign up for a shift today!

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Leaves, Paint Swatches and Nature Connection: A Student Perspective

What do the pre-school kids do while attending the Fiddleheads Forest School at the Arboretum? UW student Mackenzie Urquhart reports on this exciting new education program.

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Oct 12, 2012 / Education, News / Lisa Sanphillippo

Fieldtrips in Fall…

are going like gangbusters! Between the months of September and November, we have over 1300 kids signed up for fieldtrips.
Our guides have been loving the mild weather and teaching and learning from these budding naturalists. The Arboretum is such an amazing place to explore; all of the senses can be engaged, well, except for taste! Those of us in the field are so fortunate to be able to teach a variety of topics to kids based on what they are learning in class. 

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We Have Winners!

The UWBG Kids Digital Photography Contest was a complete success! We had 12 entries, ranging from ages 7 to 16, who submitted some really incredible artwork.

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Amazing Photos from Art in the Park Kids

We haven’t even begun our Digital Photo Contest (starts TOMORROW! August 1st), but thought we would share some of the photographs taken by the Art in the Park Campers here at the Arboretum. We are so lucky to have these budding artists on our grounds. Take a look at some of their photos.

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More Service Learning at the Arboretum

Posted on behalf of Will Pleskow, UW student and UWBG volunteer service learner

I never thought weeds would be so endless and time consuming but I certainly have a new perspective on weeding after many back-breaking hours digging out seemingly endless little green plants. All of the planting and weeding that I have done and will do take place right outside the greenhouse in a secluded part of the Arboretum used for plant propagation. 

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Rhododendrons in bloom – Everywhere!

Walking through the arboretum’s forested middle area, one is greeted with bursts of color on the hybrid Rhododendrons in our collection. Within this forest understory are many of the almost 1800 Rhododendron species and hybrids in the collection. Its cool and green and quiet on these forested paths, a lovely walk on any day, but this time of year the added beauty of the Rhody flowers is a seasonal treat. 

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Jun 1, 2012 / Education, Students, News / Patrick Mulligan

Aspiring Plant Geek

posted on behalf of UW Student and Arboretum volunteer extraordinaire, Lora Mitchell
This quarter I signed up for an environmental studies course that offered service learning. Upon first learning about the service learning program I was intrigued, but slightly hesitant until I saw a position at the Washington State Arboretum. Thrilled at the idea of working with plants the entire quarter I immediately signed up for that position. 

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Meet our Summer Camp Staff

We are very excited about the Garden Guides we hired to run our summer camps. All three come with a love for and knowledge of the natural world, experience and educational background in teaching and being outside with kids, and a diverse set of qualities that will make for a dynamic and fun-filled summer!
Kathie Bradford
Born and raised in beautiful Northern California, I grew up exploring the creek behind my house and playing with the horses and goats that lived next door.  

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May 17, 2012 / Education, Students, News / Patrick Mulligan

Service Learning at the ARB

Posted on behalf of Alyce Flanagan, UW student intern

This spring one of my classes gave me the option of doing a service-learning project instead of writing a research paper. I jumped at the opportunity to gain some sort of real world experience instead of sitting in the library.  I ended up volunteering in the vegetable garden at the UWBG Arboretum, and it has been an enjoyable experience.  

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