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Apr 8, 2014 / Education, News / Patrick Mulligan

Education Team Honored at DSAs

Last Thursday, the UW Botanic Gardens’ Education Team was honored at the UW’s annual Distinguished Staff Award Reception held at the HUB Ballroom.  The team, seen posing above at the reception, was 1 of 11 teams nominated to receive this year’s DSA.  Both individual and team winners will be chosen in the coming month and honored at the Annual Awards of Excellence on June 12th in Meany Hall Auditorium.  

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Fiddleheads Forest School: Spring Dispatch from the Forest Grove

The word spring comes from the old English springen, meaning “to leap, burst forth, fly up; spread, to grow.” This is a marvelous description of what we’ve been seeing happen to the minds, hearts, and bodies of students in the forest grove these past few weeks. The new growth in the forest has paralleled a very different sort of growth among the children’s minds. 

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Fiddleheads Winter Series

Avoid cabin fever and explore the Arboretum this winter! Learn about dinosaurs, science, turtles and more in our all new winter Parent/Child Classes.

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Autumn in the Soest Garden

The Soest Garden truly is an all-season garden. Learn how to keep your own garden looking attractive this winter with this hands-on class with Soest Gardener Riz Reyes!

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October Dispatches From the Fiddleheads Forest School

What is it about the autumn that generates so much nostalgia? A season evoking such emotion somehow always manages to pass in a blur. It marks the end of lackadaisical afternoons and the start of the annual decent into the cooler, more introspective months.  The way I see it, fall is the natural steward of the New Year. We begin afresh: in school, in season, in time. 

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Fiddleheads Forest School Opens

The outdoor preschool at the Washington Park Arboretum aims to counteract “nature deficit disorder.”

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Introducing our Summer Garden Guides

These enthusiastic, thoughtful and genuine folks are our Garden Guides for the UW Botanic Gardens Summer Camp at the Arboretum. They are charged with creating fun, educational, nature-based experiences for our campers. They have our 230 acre nature oasis to work with, their own experience and excitement to bring to the table, and a host of materials and curriculum to support their endeavors. 

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Apr 9, 2013 / Education, News / Patrick Mulligan

UWBG Bioblitz 2013 at the Washington Park Arboretum

Space is limited, so click here to sign up for a shift today!

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Leaves, Paint Swatches and Nature Connection: A Student Perspective

What do the pre-school kids do while attending the Fiddleheads Forest School at the Arboretum? UW student Mackenzie Urquhart reports on this exciting new education program.

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Oct 12, 2012 / Education, News / Lisa Sanphillippo

Fieldtrips in Fall…

are going like gangbusters! Between the months of September and November, we have over 1300 kids signed up for fieldtrips.
Our guides have been loving the mild weather and teaching and learning from these budding naturalists. The Arboretum is such an amazing place to explore; all of the senses can be engaged, well, except for taste! Those of us in the field are so fortunate to be able to teach a variety of topics to kids based on what they are learning in class. 

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