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Apr 30, 2013 / Center for Urban Horticulture, News / UWBG Communication Staff

Friends write history of Yesler Swamp at CUH

Many of us know of Henry Yesler, one of Seattle’s forefathers, but what is Yesler Swamp on the east side of the Center for Urban Horticulture?

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What’s new in Union Bay Natural Area for 2013, you ask?

Greetings! I’m excited and grateful to be the 2013 UBNA graduate student manager for winter and spring quarters. I will be leading volunteer groups maintaining restoration sites throughout the natural area and this season we have begun an internship program with students from Edmonds Community College!
The interns and I are working every Tuesday and Thursday through early June, so if you have any interest in getting dirty, releasing some pent up aggression on the proper objects (weeds!), and basking in the beauty of urban nature, we’re happy to have individual folks join us.   

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Nov 9, 2012 / Center for Urban Horticulture, News / UWBG Communication Staff

Thank You NAIOP! New Video Shows Hardworking Volunteers

Watch a video of volunteers and UWBG staff in action as they whip the Center for Urban Horticulture into shape.

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November 2012 Plant Profile: Miscanthus sinensis ‘Little Kitten’

‘Little Kitten’ is a pleasant and manageable ornamental grass that stays tidy and it has a soft, demure elegance to it when used singly as a specimen.

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Seasonal Horticulture Update: “The Summer of Our Content”

UWBG Horticulture and Plant Records staff had a very busy, productive and satisfying summer. A cold wet June and early July pushed extraordinary plant growth. Then, just as quickly as we could say, “No summer in Seattle”, the heavens went dry and we experienced an historic dry spell.

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September 2012 Plant Profile: Hesperantha (Schizostylis) coccinea

This delightful, but seldom grown corm from South Africa is looking fantastic in the Soest Garden at the Center for Urban Horticulture.

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CUH Update – SPRING 2012

Finding the time to do a regular update has been a challenge as this time of year demands so much of our time as the gardens take on a life of their own! With only two gardeners (one half-time and one 3/4 time) overseeing the grounds, we must scramble to get on top of things and sometimes it doesn’t always happen. 

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April 2012 Plant Profile: Ribes sanguineum

Spring is definitely in the air when the clouds of pink burst forth into bloom and our native red-flowering currants put on a show.

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And the Winners Are…..Biodiversity Conference Art Exhibit up through March

The winners of the botanical art exhibit held in conjunction with the conference Conserving Plant Biodiversity in a Changing World: A View from NW North America were announced Wednesaday afternoon at the close of the conference.

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Are Weddings Allowed at the UW Botanic Gardens?

Answer: Yes! Weddings and all social events are a natural fit at the beautiful Center for Urban Horticulture (CUH) and Washington Park Arboretum (WPA). Weddings and many other social events are booked months, even a year, in advance at both of these sites.

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