New Arbor Installed in the Seattle Garden Club Fragrance Garden

On June 7, a new centerpiece was installed to enhance the Seattle Garden Club Fragrance Garden at the Center for Urban Horticulture. This beautiful arbor, designed by Tim Sharp of Iron Design Center NW, was a gift from the Seattle Garden Club, who has supported the Fragrance Garden both financially and with volunteer garden care since its installation in 2007. The Garden was extensively renovated and enhanced in 2015, and the arbor completes the design elements envisioned at that time. At the base of each post is planted a Colette(TM) Climbing Rose, which will twine up the structure and adorn it with lush green foliage and fragrant pink blooms. Photos from the installation are provided by Andrew Tierney.

View from above: Seattle Garden Club Fragrance Garden (right), being prepared for arbor installation. To the left is the Soest Herbaceous Display Garden.


Arbor being installed in the central axis of the Fragrance Garden


Seattle Garden Club members and UW Botanic Gardens Interim Director Fred Hoyt under the newly installed arbor.