Sidalcea oregana var. calva

Ms. Tara Goldsmith’s thesis, completed in 2003, examined potential threats to the persistence and population growth of Sidalcea oregana var. calva, the Wenatchee Mountain checker-mallow.

Ms. Goldsmith studied: 1) which insects pollinate the taxon, and how hand pollination compares to insect pollination in terms of fruit/seed set; 2) pre-dispersal seed-eating weevils, their impact, and the extent of their infestation; and 3) the effect prescribed fire has on S. oregana var. calva, individuals and surrounding vegetation composition.

Ms. Goldsmith found considerable seed predation and a specialized pollinator. She recommends that management consider occasional reduction of the predator load.

Sidalcea oregana var. calva

Castilleja levisecta

Ms. Wendy Wayne studied the variability of seed germination among sites of Castilleja levisecta (golden paintbrush) and substrate treatments to facilitate successful restoration of this species. She investigated seed stratification and greenhouse techniques for raising healthy container plants to supplement existing populations out in the field

Seedling establishment was very weak. Planting C. levisecta with a host connection to Festuca roehmeri promoted the best survivorship.

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