Your donation is greatly appreciated! Your tax-deductible contribution to Rare Care supports efforts to monitor, research, conserve and reintroduce rare plants of Washington. Thank you for making this work possible.

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With your donations, Rare Care is developing a knowledgeable and skilled cadre of plant conservationists to respond to land managers’ most urgent priorities. Recently we:

  • Provided two teams of volunteers to survey the State Endangered and USFWS Species of Concern Rorippa columbiae (persistent-sepal yellowcress) along the Columbia River;
  • Continued the search for new occurrences of the State Threatened and USFWS Threatened Silene spaldingii (Spalding’s catchfly) southeast of Spokane;
  • Surveyed for State Endangered Orthocarpus bracteosus (rosy owl-clover) in southern Washington in response to the land manager’s confidence that there were additional populations that have never been documented;
  • Provided volunteers to monitor the State Threatened and USFWS Species of Concern Lathyrus torreyi (Torrey’s peavine) in western Washington before scheduled development occurs;
  • Improved propagation protocols for the Federally Endangered Wenatchee Mountain endemic Hackelia venusta (showy stickseed), increasing germination rates from 20% to 85%;
  • Monitored occurrences of the rare Lycopodium dendroideum (treelike clubmoss) and Dryopteris cristata (crested shield-fern) in the northeast corner of the state; and
  • Discovered a new phlox species while conducting botanical surveys with the US Forest Service in the Blue Mountains of southeastern Washington.


The Rare Plant Care and Conservation Program is made possible by gifts from the Deupree Family Foundation, Miller Charitable Foundation, Seattle Garden Club, Tacoma Garden Club, Washington Native Plant Society, private organizations, and individual donors from all over the Pacific Northwest.

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