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Bioblitz: Mushroom Edition re-cap

But what is it about mushrooms that so captures our collective curiosity? It’s a difficult question to answer because the answer differs depending on who you ask.

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Chile news is good news!

“Uno, dos, tres, cut!” cried Paige Miller, the Arboretum Foundation’s executive director. Armed with garden shears, dignitaries clipped the bamboo ribbon, officially opening the Gateway to Chile in Washington Park Arboretum’s Pacific Connections Garden. Bathed in sunshine, and on the heels of the Chilean miners’ safe return above ground, the Oct. 17 Gateway to Chile celebration was triply joyous. Watch a 2 1/4-minute video. 

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The Fungus Among US

This past spring, the UWBG hosted the first ever bioblitz in Seattle.  A “bioblitz” is a biological scavenger hunt that aims to inventory all the various organisms living in a given area – the “blitz” part signifies that this inventory is taken within a short period of time.
There are several reasons why the UWBG aims to make bioblitzes a regularly occurring tradition:

to better fulfill our mission of sustaining managed to natural ecosystems
to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity in an urban environment
to bridge the gap between the academic world and the every-day world by harnessing the power of citizen scientists. 

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Holly Garden Project Notice and News

September through October is our window of opportunity before fall rains begin to commence development and improvement work in the Holly collection.  Scope of work during this period will focus primarily on construction  of  the southernmost Eurasian clade berm located at the north end (near Boyer Ave). See photo of Iain Robertson’s conceptual Holly collection plan – Eurasian clade berms are pink. 

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Aug 1, 2010 / Washington Park Arboretum, News / UWBG Communication Staff

SR 520 Bridge Replacement in the News

News and media reports on the State Route 520 Bridge Replacement

Google News
Seattle Times
Seattle PI
The Stranger

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Jul 28, 2010 / Washington Park Arboretum / UWBG Communication Staff

WSDOT conducts cultural resources study on Foster Island

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is conducting a cultural resources study on Foster Island as part of the I-5 to Medina: Bridge Replacement and HOV Project. This important safety and mobility project will build a safer floating bridge and give new options to people crossing Lake Washington.
Foster Island Study Fact Sheet 

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What’s the story of Herb Robert at the Arboretum?

On July 14 a UWBG Facebook fan asked us what’s the story of Herb Robert at the Arboretum. UWBG Horticulturalist, David Zuckerman, replies with background information and his personal experience with this stinky weed.
Herb Robert, aka, Stinking Robert. Geranium robertianum is an escaped ornamental herbaceous perennial native to Europe. It has quite a history of folklore and medicinal uses. It is a class B noxious weed in Washington(1998?) and first seen in our state in 1911, Klickitat. 

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BioBlitz reveals potentially rare stinging ant, mushroom, spider & possible new plant invaders

With more than 100 citizen scientists, university students and professionals scrutinizing Washington Park Arboretum’s nooks and crannies during Seattle’s first BioBlitz, there were bound to be a few surprises. A potentially rare native stinging ant, a potentially rare Amanita (mushroom) not often seen on the west coast, a potentially new species of spider and a couple of unexpected plants displaying suspicious behavior are just a few of the discoveries. 

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