A Deep Dive into Arboretum Plant Collections.

I created a new tool for serious plant geeks who want to learn everything they can about specific plants growing in the Washington Park Arboretum. Starting from one of three access points to our plant data, the Living Collection Search, the advanced Interactive Map, or the basic Interactive Map, people can search for a plant and discover if it is growing, and where, in the Arboretum. If the plant is in the Arboretum then the user will see details for that plant, including a link to run a “Literature search.” That literature search looks for mentions of the plant in the Bulletin, published by the Arboretum Foundation, and newsletters from the Northwest Horticultural Society. If a match is found, then a link to a digitized copy of the issue hosted by the Biodiversity Heritage Library is listed. Links to other information sources are also included with the plant name already embedded in the URL. That means the user can quickly find more information from organizations such as the Royal Horticultural Society, Missouri Botanical Garden, The Encyclopedia of Life and even the Miller Library’s Gardening Answers Knowledgebase. Try a search for  Hydrangea aspera.



Click the purple linked plant name to run a literature search.
screenshot of map
In the Interactive Map’s plant details box click “Literature search” to find mentions in articles.
screenshot of search results
A screenshot of the search results page.