Union Bay Natural Area Restoration Continues

A restoration site with newly planted saplings protected by plastic cylinders
Jon Backus
Freshly planted natives

Despite a harsh winter, a large amount of work was accomplished restoring wildlife habitat in the Union Bay Natural Area this Winter Quarter 2019! Overall, we held seven volunteer work parties including two widely attended weekend public events, across five restoration sites. A total of 92 volunteers contributed 286 hours to removing 600 pounds of invasive plant species and planting 452 native plants grown at our student-run native plant nursery. This work builds on an ongoing effort to restore native ecosystems on the former landfill that lies underneath the Union Bay Natural Area. With dedicated volunteers and hard work in the field, we are reversing damage caused by poor land use management. Our work restores crucial wildlife habitat that also provides vital ecosystem functions and enriches this open space for the community at large. Stay tuned for more ecological restoration work to be done in the future!

Group photo of all the students and volunteers that helped out.
Jon Backus
Thanks to all the volunteers that helped improve the Union Bay Natural Area!