Two New Ways to Experience the Arboretum

We are excited to introduce two new ways of experiencing the Arboretum.

For a more active person, we are offering Arboretum Running Tours. We’ll combine exercise, education, and entertainment on a fun running tour through the Arboretum, one of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks and home to the University of Washington Botanic Gardens’ world-class plant collections. You’ll learn about the history and design of the park, a few choice plants, and traditional or modern uses of various plants along the route.

This tour will cover about 3 miles and be held at a leisurely running pace (11-12 minute mile). We will be slowing to a walk at points of interest but running between, so please be prepared to be moving the entire time. We will be running over both paved and uneven terrains, with some elevation change. Participants should dress for the weather and bring a water bottle. We have 4 Sunday mornings to choose from and the cost is $25.

If you are interested in something slower paced and more relaxing, check our our Forest Bathing Walks, offered in partnership with Cascadia Forest Therapy. Forest bathing (or shinrin-yoku) has been popular in Japan for decades and is gaining momentum in the US. This practice encourages you to walk in the forest at a slower pace and take in the atmosphere around you. Multiple scientific studies have shown that it lowers stress and blood pressure levels, while increasing immune system functioning, making you more resilient to diseases and illness.

These walks are slow-paced and generally cover less than a mile of trail. During this time the guide, in partnership with the forest, will offer an evolving series of invitations crafted to help participants slow down and open their senses. The opening of one’s senses encourages mindfulness, which readies the heart and mind to better perceive messaging present in the natural world. Four Saturday mornings available to choose from and the cost is $25.

Whether you walk or run, you’ll experience the Arboretum in a whole new way.


2 Responses to “Two New Ways to Experience the Arboretum”

  1. Sasha McGuire

    Thank you for your feedback, we’ve adjusted the story to include the price.

  2. David Hirning

    I find it odd that this article doesn’t mention that these events cost $25 each. Seems a little steep, and worth mentioning before people click through to register.