Local horticultural publications digitized

Screenshot of BHL interface
The interface of the Biodiversity Heritage Library allows readers to browse the pages of historic newsletters.

In 2017 the Elisabeth C. Miller Library participated in a digitization grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services awarded to the Biodiversity Heritage Library. 777 individual journal issues were scanned by the Internet Archive from 14 titles published by 4 organizations. Now the historic and recent issues of newsletters published by the Hardy Fern Foundation, Arboretum Foundation, Northwest Horticultural Society and the University of Washington Botanic Gardens are available for the world to read.

The Biodiversity Heritage Library is an international collaboration to identify, digitize, and freely share literature about plants and animals. The BHL is searchable by species name or the title and author of books, however the newsletters listed below that the Miller Library sent for digitizing are not yet fully indexed and so may only be searched by species name*. However, the newsletter titles may be browsed by date and in the future will be fully searchable once Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality is made available.

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Organization Titles
Hardy Fern Foundation

Hardy Fern Foundation Quarterly

Hardy Fern Foundation Newsletter

Northwest Horticultural Society

Horticulture Northwest

NHS News

Northwest Ornamental Horticultural Society Newsletter

Garden Notes

Arboretum Foundation

University of Washington Arboretum Bulletin

Arboretum bulletin

Washington Park Arboretum Bulletin

University of Washington Botanic Gardens


Camas Quarterly

Urban Horticulture


Urban Horticulture Presents

Interior Hort

*The Internet Archive does have full text searching, however the sorting of search results is not as advanced as the Biodiversity Heritage Library interface.