AmeriCorps Volunteer: Rebecca Janssen

Rebecca Janssen

Rebecca Janssen is the Adult Environmental Education Coordinator. Specifically, she’s helping coordinate continuing education programs for Ecological Restoration professionals, public programs on topics like native plants and sustainable gardening practices, and helping UW Botanic Gardens better understand their audience and what people are getting out of the adult education programs.

Rebecca is a Seattle native. She has a BS in Interior Design from Oregon State University, and completed a Master’s degree in Museology at UW. She’s interested in lifelong learning opportunities, public programs, and evaluation.

At UW Botanic Gardens, Rebecca loves the trails on Foster Island in the Washington Park Arboretum because of the mix of tree-covered areas and water. She says that wandering through the Arboretum and Center for Urban Horticulture help her feel like she’s not in the middle of a big city.

Rebecca enjoys edible plants, and rosemary is her current favorite herb. She hopes to cultivate rosemary at her new home. She finds satisfaction when she achieves the right balance of light and water for plants to grow happily.

Outside of the garden, Rebecca has taken a deep dive into crafts. She’s working on various projects that include sewing, weaving, embroidery, knitting, and cross stitching.