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Arboretum Fall 2017

More residents and property managers are requesting sustainable landscape design, construction, and maintenance. ecoPRO certified professionals ensure knowledgeable, profitable, and environmentally-sound landscape design, installation and maintenance services. UW Botanic Gardens is excited to be offering this new educational opportunity this spring for landscape professionals with a passion for both beauty and responsible environmental practices.

The ecoPRO Sustainable Landscape Professional Certification Program is the first program to provide sustainable land care education and certification to landscape professionals across Washington State.


The goals of the program are to provide certification to qualified professionals, improve water quality and general public health, set the standard for sustainable land care in the state, and offer consumers a platform for interaction and evaluation.

The program includes training that teaches best practices for sustainable landscaping, organized around eight key principles:

1. Protect and Conserve Soils
2. Conserve Water
3. Protect Water and Air Quality
4. Protect and Create Wildlife Habitat
5. Conserve Energy
6. Sustain Healthy Plants
7. Use Sustainable Methods and Materials
8. Protect and Enhance Human Health and Well‐being


After the training, participants can take an exam to test their knowledge and become ecoPRO Certified.

Interested? ecoPRO certification will:

  • Expand your professional credibility among customers through increased knowledge and recognition.
  • Increase marketing advantages for you/your company by showing your commitment to sustainable landscape management.
  • Have a positive impact on the environment and on your local community.

We hope to see you in March! Call us at 206.685.8033 or email with any questions.