May Brings Forth Selected Cuttings from the Pacific Connections Garden at the Washington Park Arboretum

Selected cuttings from the Washington Park Arboretum (May 22, 2017 - June 4, 2017)
Drew Foster
Selected cuttings from the Washington Park Arboretum,
May 22, 2017 – June 4, 2017

1)  Aristotelia chilensis                    Macqui

  • This small evergreen tree is native to the Valdivian temperate rainforest of Chile and Argentina.
  • This inconspicuous white flower yields a small black fruit, and is sometimes called Macqui or, Chilean Wineberry.
  • This plant and New Zealand’s Mountain Wineberry (A. fruticosa) can both be found in the Pacific Connections Garden.
Close-up photo of Prostanthera cuneata (or Alpine Mint Bush)
Drew Foster
Close-up photo of Prostanthera cuneata (or Alpine Mint Bush)

2)  Prostanthera cuneata                    Alpine Mint Bush

  • This evergreen shrub is native to southeastern Australia.
  • Showy white-to-purple flowers have red-to-orange spots in the throat.
  • A member of the Mint family, the leaves have a strong aroma when crushed.

3)  Gaultheria mucronata                    Prickly Heath

  • This small evergreen shrub is native to Chile and Argentina.
  • Small white flowers yield showy berries in the fall.
  • This and other Gaultheria species make for great ground covers.

4)  Veronica macrantha                     Large-flowered Hebe

  • This evergreen shrub is one of about 90 species of hebes, mostly native to New Zealand.
  • Adding a splash of color to temperate gardens, there are nearly 200 cultivated varieties of Veronica, which range in flower colors of white, blue, pink, and purple.
  • Many varieties of Veronica can be found in our New Zealand Garden.

5)  Corokia cotoneaster                     Wire-netting Bush

  • This distinctly branched evergreen woody shrub is native to New Zealand.
  • Bright yellow flowers emerge against grey woody stems in the spring.
  • Bright red berries persist through the autumn.


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