Selected Cuttings from the Joseph A. Witt Winter Garden (Part II)

Selected cuttings from the Joseph Witt Winter Garden, February 13 - 26, 2017
Roy Farrow
Selected cuttings from the Joseph Witt Winter Garden,
February 13 – 26, 2017

1)  Corylopsis glabrescens                                    Winter Hazel

  • This native of Korea and Japan teases us with flower buds that seem to be just on the edge of opening – for weeks!
  • The Joseph Witt Winter Garden contains multiple species of Corylopsis so that people may compare and appreciate the subtle differences in form and flower color the genus Corylopsis offers.

2)  Pieris japonica                                                          Lily of the Valley Shrub

  • The spring flowers and often the new growth of Pieris can be quite showy, but the buds themselves decorate our gardens throughout the winter months.
  • This and other species of Pieris can be found in the Joseph Witt Winter Garden and throughout the Arboretum.

3)  Rhododendron ‘Seta’                                           Seta Hybrid Rhododendron

  • The parents of this darling Rhododendron hybrid are R. spinuliferum (seed parent) and R. moupinense (pollen parent).
  • The decorative buds of this azalea are sufficient to warrant its inclusion into the Joseph Witt Winter Garden, but these will open this month into a pink and white display.

4)  Ribes sanguineum                Red Flowering Currant

  • This native of the west coast of North America blooms in very early spring with fragrant racemes of white through deep pink flowers.
  • The attractive winter stems are commonly overlooked as a feature of this species. The peeling bark added to the stately buds make this winter stem an excellent addition to the Winter Garden or an interior arrangement.
  • The best place to view Ribes sanguineum in the Washington Park Arboretum is in the Cascadia Entry Garden in our Pacific Connections Gardens.

5)  Salix gracilistyla ‘Melanostachys’                Black Pussy Willow

  • The color of the catkins of the species is a silvery grey, but the catkins of the cultivar ‘Melanostachys’ emerge jet black.
  • This native of eastern Asia can be found in the Joseph Witt Winter Garden.