Recipe: Saving Spring with Flavored Vinegar and Liqueurs

IMG_20160523_174207By Josh Furman

They say that April showers bring May Flowers, but it’s our crazy Spring that has covered plants in blossoms and caused vegetables and herbs to bolt sooner than expected. The flavors of the season are quickly passing us by, so take the opportunity to use the blooms in some flavorful infusions. You can really mix and match to your taste preferences, but here are a few ideas:


Chive Blossom Vinegar- This beautiful magenta vinegar is a great flavor enhancer in salad dressings. The fresh hint of chives will keep this in the rotation throughout the CSA season, and making it is as simple as filling a mason jar with blossoms, topping with vinegar, shaking every few days, and straining after 2 weeks.


Elderflower Liqueur– Pick Elderflower blossoms in the morning, and make sure to use them within a few hours. The bright and fragrant drink is as simple as steeping blossoms in vodka in a quart size mason jar. After 2 weeks, strain out the blossoms, add 1/4 cup sugar, and store until all of the sugar has dissolved. Use this on the rocks, with champagne, or in a cocktail such as these.


Thyme Blossom Honey- Honey is a great preservative, and consider putting sage, rosemary, or thyme blossoms in a mason jar. Cover with warmed honey, and allow it to infuse for 1 week before using. Drizzle a little on cheese at your next party, and leave your guests impressed!