Sophie Solomon: Farmer Profile

Name: Sophie Solomon
Graduating in June, 2017
Major: Community, Environment, and Planning (intended)


What has been your involvement with the Farm? 
I started volunteering at the Farm as a Service Learner my first quarter of my freshman year. From there, I continued volunteering on the Farm and went on to be the Fundraising Coordinator. Now I’m the Manager of the ASUW Student Food Cooperative, a close partner of the UW Farm.


How has the Farm impacted your experience at UW?
My experience with the Farm was really my first at UW where I felt like I had found a community of people who shared my interest and love for food. Getting involved with the Farm is an opportunity to get your hands dirty and meet some awesome, inspiring people!


Do you have any advice for students interested in the Farm?
If you are interested in getting involved with the Farm, regardless of experience level, don’t hesitate to come on down to volunteer hours and work parties. Everyone is friendly and welcoming! The Farm is an awesome way to gain hands on experience, get outside, and find an amazing community on campus.


Sophie is also one of our champions of the crowdfunding campaign we are running right now, to raise money for some new projects on the Farm. Check out her campaign page to learn more: