Lauren Glass: UW Farm Alumni Profile

Here at the UW Farm, we are very invested in building a strong community with the participants of the Farm. This community doesn’t stop after you graduate. We love checking in with students who have graduated to see what they’re up to now. Once a month, we will be posting profiles of UW Farm alumni. Here is our first one!

Name: Lauren Glass
Graduation Class: 2014
Major in Comparative History of Ideas (CHID)
Minor in Environmental Studies

Lauren Glass

How were you involved with the Farm?

I have volunteered on the farm my Sophomore through Senior years. I led Dirty Dozen during my Junior Year and served as the Education Coordinator in my Senior year. I also served on the leadership team all three years where I led many tours, helped with general outreach, and served on the committee to hire student interns as well as our new farm manager!

What did the Farm do for your college experience? What did the Farm mean to you?

The farm was a place where I got to collaborate with students in all majors and grow as a leader and member of a team. It has been an amazing location for me to get outside during the school day and contribute to the university food system in a tangible way. I am proud that the farm has impacted so many students on campus and that during the four years I was at UW there has been so much growth towards creating a collaborative network of food groups on campus. The farm has been a vital part in contributing to my education and interest in food studies more generally, and I will always remember the growth as a person that I gained by being part of such a wonderful organization.

What are you doing now?

I just took an Apple Corps position with Lettuce Link at Marra Farm. I’ll be helping to maintain Marra Farm and promoting food security and gardening through outreach events in the community and local elementary schools in South Park. I’ll also get to teach nutrition education in the classroom and do some individual projects of my choice as well. After that the world is my oyster! Regardless, I’ll be cooking and eating delicious food!

Anything else you’d like to tell new farmers?

Eat Dirt!