February Color Appears at the Washington Park Arboretum

Witt Winter Garden

Selected cuttings from the Witt Winter Garden at the Washington Park Arboretum (February 4 - 21, 2013)

1) Chimonanthus praecox           Wintersweet

  • Wintersweet is in the allspice family of Calycanthaceae.
  • The sulfur-yellow flowers are intensely fragrant and are born on bare stems.
  • This winter garden favorite is native to China.

2) Ganya x issaquahensis            Hybrid Silktassel

  • This natural hybrid, between G. elliptica and G. fremontii, is native to the western U.S.
  • The showy male catkins will soon produce large amounts of yellow pollen.

3) Hamamelis x intennedia ‘Pallida’           Hybrid Witch Hazel

  • This cultivar produces large, pale-yellow flowers on a horizontal growing form.
  • H. x intermedia is a hybrid between H. japonica and H. mollis, both native to Asia.

4) Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Winter Beauty’           Hybrid Witch Hazel

  • This cultivar, though of the same parents as ‘Pallida’, has orange flowers on a taller,
    more rounded form.

5) Salix irrorata           Bluestem Willow

  • The shoots of this upright shrub are purple with a distinct white bloom in the winter.
  • The catkins are grey when they emerge, turning red and then quickly to yellow.