April 2012 Plant Profile: Ribes sanguineum

Spring is definitely in the air when the clouds of pink burst forth into bloom and our native red-flowering currants put on a show. Though most forms aren’t truly red, their flower power is outstanding and its been a native that seems to have adapted well in our harsh urban environment. There’s a lovely white form that’s also floating around at this time of year drawing Oohs and Aahs from those who encounter it.
The flowers give a light pungent scent and hummingbirds absolutely go crazy for them.

A close up of the exquisite flowers of red-flowering currant

Common Name: Red-Flowering Currant
Location: CUH-Douglas Parking Lot
Origin: Western Coastal North America
Height and spread: 7-10ft high and wide.
Bloom Time: Early Spring

2 Responses to “April 2012 Plant Profile: Ribes sanguineum”

  1. While generally considered disease resistant, ribes sanguineum can suffer from fungal infections. Three possible diseases are root rot caused by Phytopthora, Botrytis or White Pine Blister Rust.

    You should take a twig and soil sample to a Master Gardener clinic. Google your county name and “Master Gardener” or “Extension”.
    Good luck!

  2. Rusty Hagar

    Can anyone help me? My ribes s. has stopped developing beyond bud level, which buds have been showing for months. This plant has been robust for the last few seasons having grown from a 2.5-ft potted plant to over 6 ft. in the yard. This problem occured last year to one stem out of 5 or 6 1/4″-3/8″ stems arising out of 2 main 1″ “trunks.” Last year’s affected stem was removed then and seemed dead. Now I am concerned the whole plant has died or otherwise has been affected. A scion planted about 40 ft away in same soil and conditions is doing fine. Any ideas. Thank you for any help you may provide. rh