December 2011 Plant Profile: Ilex x koehneana

UWBG has the one of the largest Holly collections in North America and this particular hybrid tends to get by unnoticed until one actually gets up close to admire its bold presence as a broadleaf evergreen shrub. It almost looks like a magnolia or something from the tropics, but it’s perfectly hardly for us here in the Pacific Northwest.

This Ilex is a hybrid between the common I. aquifolium (English Holly) and I. latifolia (Lusterleaf Holly). It does not reseed itself prolifically like English Holly and makes a stately background plant that has endured poor soil, limited irrigation, and is likely to thrive in both sun and part shade.

Common Name: Koehne Holly
Family: Aquifoliaceae
Location: Soest Garden South Slope
Origin: Garden
Height and spread: 15-20ft. high and 10-15ft. wide. Various cultivars exist that are shorter or taller.
Bloom Time: Late spring
Bloom Type/Color/Fruit: Dioecious, white flowers followed by red drupes in autumn/winter on current year’s wood.

2 Responses to “December 2011 Plant Profile: Ilex x koehneana”

  1. Soest Gardener, Riz Reyes

    Hi Cindy!

    It’s a lovely shrub if you have the room. I love its bold look in the landscape! I would guess it would be pronounced “Koh nay” or “Koh nee”, but I could be totally off.


  2. Cindy Riskin

    Riz: Thanks for posting this info about Ilex x koehneana. I’ve been admiring this shrub and was going to ask you about it. How to pronounce “Koehne”?