Farm Groundbreaking -May 22, 2011

“It’s really happening!” shouted the small, yet ecstatic, gathering of Farm Partnership* members, as they watched the plow turn the first soil over in the Center for Urban Horticulture’s northwest field. Farm manager, Robert Servine, knows this is just the first step of many to come before the .75 acre farm will be in full production. It’s certainly a major tangible step after months of planning with UW Botanic Gardens and UW campus grounds management, as well as between the 2 Farm Partnership organizations, to get this exciting urban farm project launched.

Thanks to the generous donation of Full Circle Farms, groundbreaking was a one-person job accomplished via use of tractor, mower and a 4-blade moldboard plow. The conditions for turning earth today couldn’t have been better. After a cold, wet spring, last week’s warmer, sunnier days, dried the field out for accessibility w/ heavy equipment. The plan now is to wait a few weeks, let the weed seed that’s now at the surface germinate, then come in and disc the field. Also, because the field’s soil is depleted of most nutrients, it’s been estimated that 600 yards of compost will need to be incorporated to bring the fertility up to standards needed to grow healthy vegetables.

The farm will contribute to the bounty of our region’s food system by producing vegetables for sale on the University of Washington campus and at the University District Farmers’ Market.

  • The Farm is a partnership between Seattle Tilth’s Seattle Youth Garden Works program and the UW Student Farm.
  • Seattle Youth Garden Works (SYGW) empowers homeless and underserved youth through farm-based education and employment.
  • The UW Student Farm is a student organization committed to growing and learning about sustainable food systems.

For more info or to get involved, contact: Robert Servine, SYGW Farm Coordinator – or (206)633-0451 x102.

Michelle Venetucci Harvey, UW Student Farm –

Plow used to turn soil




Attaching plow to tractor




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