June 2009 Plant Profile: Datisca cannabina

A stately new plant for plant collectors in the Pacific Northwest, this very elegant perennial is marginally hardy for some, but it has survived our harsh winter with flying colors as the plant (a one gallon specimen only a year ago) towering near 10ft with the most incredible pendulous racemes. It was probably best planted in the middle of the bed or used behind a border, but it’s quite enchanting to walk through the massive stalks and elegant flowers that sway in the gentle breezes. A plant to certainly look out for (if you’ve got the room for it, of course!)

Common Name: False Hemp
Location: Bed 4
Family: Datiscaceae
Origin: S. Europe to Western Asia
Height: Plant can reach about 8-10 ft. tall
Spread: 5-10 ft wide.
Bloom Time: Early Summer
Bloom Type/Color: Insignificant individual white flowers on very long (12 inches) pendulous racemes. Flowers are dioecious
Exposure: Full Sun – Part Shade
Water/Soil: Well drained, moderately moist.