February 2009 Plant Profile: Euphorbia ‘Glacier Blue’

Of all the variegated selections of Euphorbia charcias, ‘Glacier Blue’ is the best among all of them because of its tidy habit and its reliability as an evergreen perennial in the landscape; other cultivars just aren’t as long lived. It flowers in early spring with the typical chartreuse bracts that seemingly get lost in the grayish-blue foliage frosted in icy white. It looks stunning by itself or combined with other evergreen perennials such as black mondo grass, Heucheras, heathers, and is simply smashing with bright reds and other contrasting colors. ‘Glacier Blue’ does exceptionally well in containers as well.

Common Name: Mediterranean Spurge
Location: Soest Garden-Bed 6
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Origin: Garden Origin
Height: 15-18″
Spread: 18-20″
Bloom Time: Spring
Bloom Type/Color: Campanulate yellow-green bracts
Exposure: Full Sun
Water/Soil: Well drained with moderate moisture. Very drought tolerant once established.