September 2008 Plant Profile: Gaillardia Commotion™ ‘Frenzy’

One of the newest plants in the Soest Garden is this fiery little gem donated to us by Skagit Gardens . Gaillardia, also known as Blanket Flower, is starting to make a big splash in the horticultural market with its heat tolerance and tremendously prolific bloom. This selection along with the cultivar ‘Tizzy’, which was also donated to us, possesses these qualities on top of extravagant color and visual interest all throughout the summer and fall months.

Our plants were installed in Bed 8 amongst all the other warm-hued plants in late spring and since then, they’ve just been churning out bloom after bloom as long as they’re deadheaded. They’ve benefited from our rich, composted soil, the extra heat of a raised bed and they don’t seem to mind being crowded amongst a golden pineapple and blue anise sage, and the fine grass-like foliage of Dierama (Angel’s Fishing Rod).

Being a brand new plant and Blanket Flower’s reputation of being short lived in the garden, we’ll see how these new selections fare during the winter and how well they return next spring. For now, enjoy the crazy flowers and interesting seedheads this month.

Location: Bed 8
Family: Asteraceae
Origin: Garden Origin
Height: 10-15”
Spread: 1.5 ft
Bloom Time: June-November
Bloom Color: Bright red with yellow orange tips
Sun: Full Sun
Water: Medium-Low moisture. Well drained soil.