October 2007 Plant Profile: Chrysanthemum ‘Apricot’

Chrysanthemums or simply “mums” have always been frowned upon by savvy gardeners for being so common, disposable and overused. However, when sophisticated gardeners come across ‘Apricot’ in the Soest Garden, nothing else makes them fall to their knees begging to have this profusion of bloom and warm delicate color in their autumn landscape. Starting in mid-October, deep pink buds burst open like a fireworks display of peachy pink petals and continue through frost! Somewhat difficult to come by in the trade, it’s worth seeking out for a spectacular specimen in the garden or a “weaver” in between plants such as Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’, Phormiums (New Zealand Flax), and various ornamental grasses.

Family: Asteraceace
Origin: Garden Origin
Height: 1.5ft
Spread: 2-3ft.
Bloom Time: Mid-October-
Bloom Color: Apricot/Peach Pink
Sun: Full Sun
Water: Medium/minimal moisture, well drained.