August 2007 Plant Profile: Actaea simplex ‘Brunette’ and ‘Black Negligee’

Black-Leafed Snakeroot/Bugbane

Formerly called Cimicifuga, these sexy dark-leafed selections have taken the perennial garden world by storm with its elegant form and architectural habit in the garden.
The fine fern-like foliage emerges a deep green that ultimately deepen in color as the summer progresses and by late summer, strong erect stems catapult spikes of curvy, voluptuous, creamy-white blooms that have a soft fragrance.
Not only are visitors attracted to these stunning plants, but wildlife as well! Butterflies have been spotted in the garden landing ever so softly atop the opening buds.
‘Brunette’  (pictured here) can be found in Bed 2 and just across the hedge in the brand new Fragrance Garden, you can see (and smell!) densely planted rows of ‘Black Negligee’.

Family: Ranunculaceae
Origin: Garden Origin
Height: 4-6.5 ft.
Spread: 3 ft.
Bloom Time: Late August-September
Bloom Color: Cream White
Sun: Full Sun/Part Shade
Water: Medium moisture, well drained soil.