June 2007 Plant Profile: Yucca flaccida ‘Golden Sword’

An absolute standout year round, these highly architectural, evergreen plants light up the dark winter landscape with its steely gray green foliage and the dramatic fluorescent yellow stripe down each sword-like leaf.
Withstanding poor soils and incredibly drought tolerant once established, it also performs well in containers combined with other evergreen perennials such as Heuchera and red-leafed Euphorbia. It also looks stunning with the vertical spikes of blue Veronica come summer.
This selection is a Great Plant Pick and is sure to perform well here in the Pacific Northwest!

Family: Agavaceae
Origin: Garden Origin
Height: 2-3ft.
Spread: 3-4ft.
Bloom Time: Summer
Bloom Color: Cream white
Sun: Full Sun
Water/Soil: Medium/minimal moisture, well drained.