May 2007 Plant Profile: Romneya coulteri

Matilija Poppy

Probably the most asked about plant at this time of year with it’s crepe like white petals and bright yellow stamens, it almost a resembles a profusion of fried eggs sunny-side up!
With grey green foliage to set off the blooms, it makes a dramatic statement in the perennial bed as it towers up to 8 feet in height and continuously blooms for several weeks. Romneya highly resents transplanting, but it is very easy to care for and quite drought tolerant. It can form massive clumps and send out many runners, but for some reason, it’s somewhat difficult to propagate. Perhaps that’s why you don’t often see it offered. If you can find a source for one, they are otherwise very easy to care for and quite drought tolerant once established.

Family: Papaveraceae
Origin: California, USA
Height: 6-8ft
Spread: 5-7 feet
Bloom Time: June July
Bloom Color: White
Sun: Full Sun
Water: Medium moisture, well drained soil