This lecture series, offered twice annually in partnership with PlantAmnesty, is designed for those who work in landscape maintenance. Each lecture provides information on tools and techniques for quality pruning with better long-term results and customer satisfaction.

Each 2-hour lecture qualifies for the following professional continuing education credits: APLD-2, CPH-2, ecoPRO-2, ISA-2, NALP/WALP-2

To receive PlantAmnesty’s Pruning Certification, students must attend all 12 lectures and 3 pruning workshops.



Each 2-hour lecture: General: $35 PlantAmnesty Member: $30
Series Discount- Register for all 12 lectures: General: $348 PlantAmnesty Member: $288

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Summer 2021 Schedule

Classes held weekly on Thursdays, July 15 – August 19, 2021, and delivered virtually using Zoom.
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July 15

9:30-11:30am – Tree Pruning I: Pruning trees makes sense when you understand the science behind it. You will be introduced to the basics of tree biology and structure, tree responses to the basic types of pruning cuts, and pruning standards and best management practices. Taught by Bess Bronstein.

12:30-2:30pm – Shrubs I – the Friendly, Fearless and Forgiving: This talk will focus on nandina, evergreen azalea, lilac, camellia, and yew. Taught by Christina Pfeiffer.

July 22

9:30-11:30am – Tree Pruning II: This class will show you how, what and when to apply a specific pruning system. You will be introduced to pruning techniques for both young and mature trees, timing and pruning cycles, and how to successfully restore previously mal-pruned trees. Taught by Bess Bronstein.

12:30-2:30pm – Shrubs II – Shearables, Hackables, and Untouchables: Find out which plants are which, and how to correctly shear. Taught by Christina Pfeiffer.

July 29

9:30-11:30am – Shrubs III – The Puzzlers and Consequences:  Basic pruning techniques, common mistakes, and corrective pruning for RhododendronHydrangeaCallicarpaViburnum bodnantense, and Abelia. Taught by Bess Bronstein.

12:30-2:30pm – Fruit Tree Pruning: This class takes the confusion out of pruning common fruit trees. Taught by Ingela Wanerstrand.

August 5

9:30-11:30am – Rose Pruning: Learn the right way to prune roses: hybrid teas, climbers, & landscape roses. Taught by Keith Dekker.

12:30-2:30pm – Prune and Renovate the Overgrown Landscape: Basic pruning & creative solutions for the overgrown or overplanted landscape. Taught by Christina Pfeiffer.

August 12

9:30-11:30am – Japanese Garden Pruning: Specialized pruning techniques for Japanese maples, bamboo, cloud pruning of pines, and tamamono shearing will be covered. Taught by Bess Bronstein.

12:30-2:30pm – Pruning Art or Pruning Atrocity? Three forms of mal-pruning will be explained and compared with bona-fide examples of pruning art such as pleaching, pollarding, and coppicing. Taught by Christina Pfeiffer.

August 19

9:30-11:30am – Conifer Pruning: Conifers play by different rules than their flowering friends. This class will cover timing and where to make cuts that will help conifers stay vibrant. Taught by Bess Bronstein.

12:30-2:30pm – Rehabilitative Pruning: This advanced class will discuss how to restore mal-pruned trees and shrubs. Taught by Christina Pfeiffer.


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