Exploration Kits are simple, fun, collaborative learning opportunities for youth and their caregivers. Engaging outdoor activities will encourage exploration of seasonal natural phenomena right here in Seattle and western Washington.

Easy to use, Exploration Kits require no teaching experience or prior botanical knowledge! All needed materials for activities, games, and investigations are included.


Winter Kit: UnbeLEAFable Plants!

Together, Kubota Garden and the UW Botanic Gardens team created the winter season Exploration Kit: UnbeLEAFable Plants!

Every season brings its own unique challenges for plants—and winter is no exception. Luckily plants, like people, have developed strategies to thrive all winter long. Let’s dive in and discover what those strategies are!

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WHO: Children ages 4-12 with their caregiver(s).

WHEN: Kits are available for purchase starting December 7th and available for pick up starting December 14th.

WHERE: Select to pick up your kit at the Washington Park Arboretum or Kubota Garden.

COST: $7 per kit. Each kit serves up to four children.

What’s Included:

  • A Learning Story: The Diary of Lola the Larch: The Winter Challenge is an entertaining and comical window into the world of plants preparing for winter. Build your botanical knowledge together while laughing along with Lola and her friends.
  • An Investigation: Follow the simple, step-by-step instructions for this hands-on game to get up close and personal with winter plants.
  • Two Scavenger Hunts: Varying in level of difficulty, use these scavenger hunts to explore evergreen and deciduous plants in your favorite local green space
  • Kubota Self Guided Tour: Get to know the grounds of Kubota Garden even better with this tri-fold pamphlet from the Kubota Garden Foundation
  • Two Treasure Maps: Use these maps of the park grounds at the Washington Park Arboretum and Kubota Garden to discover special evergreen and deciduous plants from around the world
  • Community Connection Extensions: Check out photos and hear the unique story of the Kubota Family, their garden, and how the park you know and love today came to be! Then, learn about the many names of plants and what makes them important—especially the first names of plants of the area in Lushootseed. What story does your name tell?
  • Hand Lenses: Take a closer look and deepen your connection to plants with this handy tool.

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