The UW-Restoration Ecology Network (UW-REN) is a tri-campus program, serving as a regional center to integrate student, faculty and community interests in ecological restoration and conservation. This program is open to UW students from all disciplines. UW-REN is creating new interdisciplinary curricula and undergraduate research / capstone experiences in the realm of restoration that bridge across the three UW campuses.

The core of the UW-REN mission is to advance higher education in restoration while helping the Pacific Northwest region meet the growing needs and challenges of ecological restoration.

Have a site that needs restoration? Read about becoming a community partner. Contact for more information.

Impact Analysis

An Analysis of Factors Driving Success in Ecological Restoration Projects by a University-Community Partnership by Joy K. Wood, Warren G. Gold, James L. Fridley, Kern Ewing and Dev K. Niyogi, Ecological Restoration Vol. 35, No. 1, 2017.

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